Sunday, August 25, 2013

Skipped a week with good reason!

I have something to show you.  I am so excited.  I did a lot in the past two weeks.  I was so busy last Sunday that I didn't have time to blog.  But I have pictures to show you what was going on to keep me away from the computer.

 I finished hubby's socks about midnight last Saturday.  I was so excited to get them off the needles.  The toe was different from  any toe I had done before.  It was very easy to do and it turned out very nice.

 I keep telling you about the top of the socks and how interesting it was to knit.  Since this sock is from the book "On The Road", this sock is from Scotland.  The top of the sock is suppose to remind you of a whiskey barrel.  The band above and below the middle part are the metal "bands" on the barrel.  It was a VERY unusual stitch (for me anyway).

Hubby wore them today and said they are so comfy and even though we are still VERY hot here the socks are 100% wool so they breath and keep his feet cool.

I did some cleaning out of my craft room last weekend and came across this:

A baby blanket I started YEARS ago for a baptism.  It needed 2 rows done on it to complete it.  So I grabbed it and completed it in about 30 minutes.  Isn't it silly how we put stuff away to finish later and years go by and then you find them and could kick yourself for not finishing it while you were still working on it.  I had to try and find the pattern that I used on it and then had to figure out where I was on the pattern.  I have a couple of close ups of this tool
These little motifs look like little flowers and I just loved them.  They added so much to the blanket..
Aren't they cute?  It is made from a baby pompadour.  I love that shiny thread going through it.  It shows up better in second picture.

Every year when I put down my list for the YoP I list a WIP "LaLa's Shawl".  Well, above is the picture of what happened to the LaLa's Shawl.  Yup.............................frogged it.  It just was not making me happy and I would pick it up to work on it and put it right back down.  I didn't like the looks of it at all.  I LOVE the yarn that I have for it and will use for something else.  Don't know what at this point but at some time I am sure I will find just the right pattern that screams BLUE WORSTED WEIGHT!.

I did clean out my craft room last weekend too.  It took me a day and a half to do it but it is all nice and organized again.  With Hubby having surgery and then trying to do all the housework, laundry, cooking, shopping and errand running, that room has just been kind of a catch all when I need to stick stuff somewhere so it is out of sight when company comes over.  But I painstakingly worked on the room and here is now what it looks like.
This is in the main part of the room.  Most of this is my sock and DK weight yarn.  You will notice the looms too.  I started out reintroducing myself to knitting by using a loom.  It was fun and I enjoyed it.  But it led to frustration when I could not do something that I saw in a pattern.  So I forced myself to pick up needles again and just go after it.  Now the grand daughter is interesting in learning to loom even though she can knit.  Glad I kept them!

My craft room has a HUGH walk in closet where I store the rest of my yarn and beading supplies.  No, the dog is not stored in there.  He is my little shadow.  I can not go anywhere with out him following me.  The bags on the floors are WIPs that need to be completed.

See the bag on the bottom right?  That is the Green Bay blanket, waiting for the weather to cool off to be completed.  In the blue bag is DD's log cabin blanket that is about 1/2 done.  The cream bag is a Radian Yoke sweater that I am making for myself and am not sure I am in love with the fiber I am using for it.  Love the fiber, just not sure I like it for this pattern.  In the argyle bag is a shawl that I started a long time ago.  It is simple garter stitch but the yarn is a pain to work with.  I work on it when my hands hurt as it is on size 17 needles.  The BRIGHT green bag in the very back is an alpaca shawl that I have been working on for a couple of years.  It is crocheted but I really need to pay attention when I am working on it as frogging out a mistake is darn near impossible with that fiber.

These last two are of the same cubby.  It was hard to take the shot since I had to stand at the doorway and just point and shoot without using a view finder.  But this shows the rest of my yarn and some of my beading supplies.

I love my craft room and got a new chair for it last week and now am able to spend as much time in there as I need.  The chair makes all the difference in the world.  Otherwise I was sitting on a backless block of wood or a right leaning broken dining room chair.  Neither were very comfortable.

In the process of all of this cleaning and moving things around, I managed to get two stress fractures in my left foot.  So now I am sporting a lovely 'boot' for the next couple of weeks.  Can't go to the gym while I am in it, can't do much shopping or cleaning in it, can't do much of anything while in it. So you know what that means??????????????


Happy Crafting!


  1. The socks are great. Love how a whiskey barrel was inspiration.

  2. Love the socks and the baby blanket is beautiful!!!!

    Nice job on the craft room

  3. So "sorry" to hear you cannot shop or do housework. I guess you'll just have to test out that new chair. ;)

  4. The socks are great and I love the sounds of that pattern. You got so much done with the craft room too.
    I love things organized but the older I get the harder it is! LOL! Very motivating post! Thank you!

  5. Lovely socks for the hubby. I'm quite liking the craft room.

  6. The socks are fantastic and I'm so glad your hubby loves them and is wearing them already. Hope he's well on the mend to getting better but with you looking after him I don't doubt he is. Well done on frogging the shawl, I do believe if something is not working for you or you don't like it frog it and use the yarn for something else. I did this recently with a scarf and then knit the cowl for my mum and it was just brilliant to have done it. Love the super organised craft room ! I may put having a craft room on hold until all my crew have moved out lol. Love the shadow, am hoping Jasper becomes my new shadow !

  7. The socks look great, and I love the baby blanket, glad you finally got it finished! And I'm sorry to hear about the stress fractures, I was on crutches a few weeks ago with my ankle, which still isn't right, and it's no fun at all!

  8. Those socks are the best pattern I have seen for a man! You did a great job on them and he is a lucky guy! Our temps have been warmer than normal all summer and I am ready for a change--plus I love Fall and can't wait for comfort food dinners and candle light. Your craft room looks great and doesn't it feel good to get that job over and one with? I organized my yarn a few weeks ago and it felt like such an accomplishment. I hope your husband is feeling better and that you are able to take care of your foot! When it rains it poors, yes?