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Sunday, August 11, 2013


Two months have past since we started out YoP year 3!  It doesn't seem possible to already have two months of knitting/crocheting behind me.  I feel like I should have much more to show for it than what I have done so far.  So I looked again at the list I posted for the start of this YoP.

Doll Clothes for AG doll (uses up lots of 'scrap' yarn)
Lots of socks.  Hopefully at least 6 pairs made
Fingerless Mitts for me (one is done but needs a partner)
Scarf for me to match the hat and mitts I am making
2-3 sweaters for adults
1-2 sweaters for children
Complete GB afghan
dishcloths for gifts again this year

I have completed 1 sweater for a child and have gotten once sock done and the other sock is started.

I finished the first sock yesterday afternoon and immediately started on the second sock.  I am in the hardest part of the pattern so it goes pretty slowly at this point and I have to be careful where I stop.  I lost my place on more than one occasion on the other sock so know better this time.

I am itching to cast on a sweater or two but know if I do, Hubby will never get his socks completed.  So I am being a monogamous knitter at the present time.  I think I will work on dishcloths after I complete this sock and maybe some doll clothes.  Just because they go quickly and give me instant gratification........................and they are made with non-wool yarn!  Then on to sweaters.  And once this weather gets below 100 degrees, I will return to the Green Bay afghan.  Someday I will get my fingerless mitt and scarf completed but I seem to be more in the mood to knit for others at the present time.

Hubby continues to improve daily.  He is starting to put on a bit of the weight he lost. It is a slow process for him.  I don't seem to have any problem putting on weight.................I don't know what his issue is.  LOL

I am off to read other blogs and do some housework and laundry.

Until next time..............................

Happy Crafting!


  1. I try to be a monogamous knitter/crocheter but I fail miserably all the time ;) Your project list sounds great!

  2. I'm so glad hubby is on the mend.
    I'm a monogamous knitter and get very twitchy thinking about having 2 projects on the go!!

  3. Love the socks you have on the needles for your hubby, I'm afraid I always seem to have at least three or four knits on the go at once, it seems to work for me.
    Your list is very similar to mine.....dishcloths and at least six pairs of socks, lol.

  4. I think it always good to work on one project especially if it's the kind that might get put aside in favour of other more favoured ones. I do love instant gratification and cloths just do that for me and they make great gifts ! Glad to hear your husband is putting on weight and getting better, I to have no bother in the putting on weight part, hmmm.

  5. You are good to just focus on one project. That is a solid sock with some nice ribbing.

  6. Yikes! Has it really been 2 months already? Your YOP list is the most inclusive and sensible list I've seen so far. I sense you are exremely self-disciplined! LOL! You've covered all bases too..self, family, gifts. I need to reorg my list and get a move-on..did you mention hats are fast? I need to do some "fast" things so I can feel like I'm making some progress!

  7. So glad to hear your husband is doing better-what a long journey that has been. He is lucky to get those smashing socks and I applaud you for not starting anything until they are done. I don't know how you function in the heat you have down there--we have had a warmer than normal summer, many, many days in the mid to upper 80's and that is not usual for us. I am missing my 70's with the refreshing marine breeze. Too many hot days in a row and I start to get crabby! I am kind of gearing up for some more dishcloth knitting--I sure like how colorful they are all folded up in the drawer and I am with you on the instant gratification thing!
    *smiles and a hug*

  8. Well done for resisting startitis! The socks are looking great, and glad to hear that your DH is getting back to his usual self


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