Sunday, September 15, 2013

Test knit

I didn't post last week because the only thing I had to blog about was a test knit that I am doing. I am happy to report that we have been given permission from the designer to post about it this week.  So here you go.

The pattern is "Ladder to the Sky Socks".  The designer is one of our YoP participants and is on Ravelry as econnerd.  I have totally enjoyed doing the test knit.  The sock came out a bit smaller than I thought it would so my Grand Daughter has her first pair of hand made socks and she couldn't be more thrilled.

Here she is modeling the first sock.  The second sock is almost done.  I managed to get it to the toe last night and will finish it yet today.

We have all been laughing about these socks going to Josie.  This will be the first non-pink item in her wardrobe.  So we told her she had to go shopping for clothes to match the socks.  

Once the pattern becomes available, I would suggest you take a look at it and seriously consider buying it.  It was a very easy pattern to memorize and I did all of it while watching TV or traveling around to Doctor's offices.

Once these are done I will be starting another pair of them but will increase my needle size by at least one size. I got gauge on these socks but like I said they were way too small for me.  I had wanted them for my DD but that was not to be.

Now, the nicest part of this pattern could easily make this into a knee sock and not have to worry about making increases and decreases for the calf.

See how nicely ribbed that is all the way?  It has LOTS of stretch so it would do well as a knee sock pattern.

Anyway.................that is all in the crafting area.

On the family front.....................................hubby's Mom and Son came down this past week for a quick visit.  My MIL had not been to our house in about 8-9 years so I was totally stoked about her being here.   It was good to see both of them and we had a very nice (but short) visit.

Hubby went back to his Surgeon this week for his 3 month check up.  He is doing well and has had his lifting restrictions removed and is not able to start working out at the gym again.  He was getting pretty tired of just doing the treadmill.  

My mom and I are going to head out to some outlet stores this afternoon.  I need to find a couple of pair of shoes where the insoles come out.  I have been fitted for orthodics and need shoes to accommodate them.  

Have a great week

Happy Crafting!


  1. Ooooohhhh those socks are pretty. And I have little feet too!

  2. Pretty socks! I love the colour! And yes, it's a very good thing to have lots of stretch in a sock pattern - keeps them from slouching down, or bagging at the ankle, or sagging at the instep :)

  3. Those are cool socks! I like the color way. It's like a bright snake in a field of flowers. Have fun with the visit. Glad your husband is progressing well.

  4. Oh those socks are awesome ! Will keep an eye out for them and I really love that you can make them into knee socks to. So glad to hear your husband is on the mend and getting better.

  5. They look great, I love the colors, look perfect for this fall time of year.

  6. Love the socks! Definitely need to buy the pattern :)

  7. The socks are lovely - and the colour is gorgeous. Would complement pink I'm sure. Glad your husband is doing well.

  8. The socks look lovely, and everyone knows that green and pink go together perfectly!

    Glad to hear your husband is doing so well!


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