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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nothing big

I just thought I would check in with everyone on here.  I have been so busy with my personal life that I have really not done much crafting at all this past week.  I did finish DD dress and got her headband adorned also to match the dress.  I cut out a dress for me and have only sewn a couple of steps on it.  I am not in the mood to sew right now and not even really in the mood to knit/crochet.

WHAT????????????  I know, that is a shocking statement to me as it is to you.

Let me try and explain.................After finishing the main sewing for DD Easter dress I started working on my oldest Grand Daughters scarf to match her hat.  We all know how long it takes to make a scarf and how boring it can get even if it has a pattern to it.  So I worked on that for about 4 days and finally just had enough of it.  I put it away with the intentions of working on some other WIP.  Went to look at my WIP's and could not even get up any interest in any of them.  By that time it was the weekend and my weekend was booked full with Church doings.  I had an all day women's retreat on Saturday followed by Mass.  On Sunday DH and I facilitated RCIA until around noon.  Then I had to go to the grocery store to make sure there was healthy food in the house for the next week. As you can tell by my weight ticker I have not been eating the healthiest this past week.  By the time I was done at the grocery store it was time to make dinner.  After dinner I cut out a dress for me and then I was spent.  I was in bed by 9pm that evening.

Ok, so Monday comes and I really don't want to work on my dress.  I really, really, really have been jonesing to work on a pair of socks.  So off to the craftroom I go to find my sock yarn (like that is hard with over 30 skeins of the stuff) and a pair of needles to do the magic loop with.  SUCCESS!  I have it all together....................but it has been too long since I made my last pair so I have to bring out my notebook on how to do the cast on for toe up and how many stitches to use and how to increase and how..........................well you get the picture.

So I cast on a pair of socks last night and I am in heaven.  I have decided that my true love is knitting socks.  In fact I am taking another magic loop sock class this month.  I am going to learn how to do cuff down socks and I am so excited.  Now I won't have to invert the patterns for my socks!  I only hope I can do two at a time cuff down.  I guess I will find that out come the 14th of this month.

I do want to wish each of you a blessed Easter season and for my Jewish friends a Happy Pesach.

Happy crafting

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  1. Enjoy your class. And I'm doing the exact opposite right now. I'm inverting a toe up pattern so I will actually finish the pair. Best of luck.


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