Sunday, March 25, 2012

Busy and productive

I have been busy and productive the past two weeks.  I didn't post last week as I spent most of the week with my brother, sister in law and her mother.  We had a wonderful visit and I was sorry to see them leave.  So knitting and all other craftiness got put on hold for the whole week.  But I made up for it this week.  Have a look.

This is one of the hats I made that will be given away at Christmas.  This is for my oldest Grand Daughter.  She is very petite so I had to go down a needle size to get the right measurements so this would fit her.  She lives in Kansas and I didn't want to see it blow off her head in their daily 35 MPH winds.

This is the same hat but I didn't like the way it looked on my iron.  (I really need to buy a head to display my hats on)  It is on my hand and I think it is really cute.

Here is the scarf that will go with the hat.  I am trying to decide if I want to do a full scarf or put a button on this and make it a cowl type thingy.  It is done in the faggot stitch and is so easy to do.  But it has big enough 'holes' in it that I could easily put a button on it and make it more of a cowl.  What do you all think?

But the majority of my time was taken up doing this:

This is my Daughter's Easter dress.  I really enjoyed sewing again but I forgot how much time it takes to do things the RIGHT way.  I want to show you a close up of the bottom.

My Daughter is not very tall (5'1") but this dress hit her above her knee.  She told me that she wanted it to be the middle or below the knee as she is no longer 6 years old (not by a looooong shot) so I told her to go and find some trim to put on the bottom.  She found both of these at Hobby Lobby.  We have enough of both to do her a headband also to match the dress if she so chooses.

I can not believe we are at the end of March and this blog a long will be ending in a few months.  I did ask the administrators if we could do it again for another year.  I have been so much better at blogging this past year and my projects are actually getting done.  They said that there didn't seem to any reason why we could not do another one next year too!  I hope they meant it.  I have met some very talented people on this group and have gotten inspired by many of you.  Your comments have helped me make some decisions that I otherwise would not have made.

Anyway, that being said, here is how my list looks now:

3 Log cabin squares (when ever) Knitted  (in progress)
Hexipuff (one a day for as long as it takes) Crochet (on hold for the moment)
Mittens for Jenn .  Knitted (have the yarn)
LaLas prayer shawl (when ever) Knitted ( in progress) For Christmas 2012
Cancer Ribbon Shawl (when ever) Crochet ( in progress)
Alpaca/Silk Prayer Shawl Crochet (in Progress for Christmas 2012)
4 blooming pillows (Have the yarn) Crochet for Christmas 2012
4 – 8 pairs of socks (Have the yarn) Knit for Christmas 2012
2 hats and 3 scarves for men.  (Have the Yarn) (one set in progress) Knit or Crochet for Christmas 2012
17 dishcloths (in progress) Knit for Christmas 2012
Mittens and Scarf (have the yarn and scarf in progress) Christmas 2012

 Here is the list of things that are finished:

Hat and Scarf (November gift)  Knitted (finished July 2011)
 Scarf for Jadin (by October 10th) Knitted  (finished October 2011)
Wedding Ring Afghan (finished in October 2011)
 Bedsock (Christmas) Crochet or knitted, haven't decided (Finished October 2011)                
 Hat for Josie (Finished October 2011)
wedding ring afghan (Christmas) Crochet (Finished in December 2011)
Bedsock(Christmas)  (Finished November 201
Scarf for Jenn (Finished December 23rd!!  2011)
Scarf for Josie (Finished December 26th 2011)
One man’s hat (Finished January 2012)
5 dishcloths (Finished February 2012)
1 log cabin block done (Finished February 2012)
Comfort Shawl (Finished March 2012)  Christmas 2012/ Crochet
1 dishcloth (finished March 2012)
Hat (finished March 2012)

Happy Crafting!


  1. Glad you had such a nice family visit. Nice hat and scarf, she's going to be very happy. And the dress is adorable!

  2. The dress is great, and I love the matching hat set. How old is your granddaughter? I work in a high school and most of the girls seem to like long scarves or infinity cowls, but not regular shorter cowls. (Not sure how it is in Kansas though.)

  3. Cute hat and scarf - amazing that you're already on top of your Christmas knitting! And look how sweet that dress is!

  4. Its good to spend time with family and I'm glad you enjoyed their visit. I love the hat and I think the colourway is so cute. I just borrow one of the childrens heads to display my hats rofl. I think a cowl type thing sounds lovely and something a little different than the normal scarf.
    I love the dress, its so pretty and daisy's I think are always such a friendly little flower, cute trims.

  5. That's such a pretty frock! Truly adorable. I love the hat and scarf too.