Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dish clothes

Here is how my list looks now.

3 Log cabin squares (when ever) Knitted  (in progress)
Hexipuff (one a day for as long as it takes) Crochet (on hold for the moment)
Mittens for Jenn .  Knitted (have the yarn)
LaLas prayer shawl (when ever) Knitted ( in progress) For Christmas 2012
Cancer Ribbon Shawl (when ever) Crochet ( in progress)
Alpaca/Silk Prayer Shawl Crochet (in Progress for Christmas 2012)
4 blooming pillows (Have the yarn) Crochet for Christmas 2012
4 – 8 pairs of socks (Have the yarn) Knit for Christmas 2012
2 hats and 3 scarves for men.  (Have the Yarn) (one set in progress) Knit or Crochet for Christmas 2012
Comfort Shawl (in progress)  Christmas 2012/ Crochet
19 dishclothes (in progress) Knit for Christmas 2012
Hat, Mittens and Scarf (have the yarn) Christmas 2012

 Here is the list of things that are finished:

Hat and Scarf (November gift)  Knitted (finished July 2011)
 Scarf for Jadin (by October 10th) Knitted  (finished October 2011)
Wedding Ring Afghan (finished in October 2011)
 Bedsock (Christmas) Crochet or knitted, haven't decided (Finished October 2011)                
 Hat for Josie (Finished October 2011)
wedding ring afghan (Christmas) Crochet (Finished in December 2011)
Bedsock(Christmas)  (Finished November 201
Scarf for Jenn (Finished December 23rd!!  2011)
Scarf for Josie (Finished December 26th 2011)
One man’s hat (Finished January 2012)
5 dishclothes (Finished February 2012)
1 log cabin block done (Finished February 2012)

The only thing I have accomplished this past week was completing 2 dishclothes.  I won't bore you with pictures of them since they are the same patterns that I have been doing in the past.

I wish I had completed more fibery goodness in the past week.  Unfortunately I was busy every night this past week and only had about one hour per evening to do any type of crafting.  Hence the reason I only got 2 dish clothes done.

Hopefully this week will be a bit slower paced but it starts out with a bang.  I need to take my youngest chi-weenie to the vet right after work on Monday for his early check up and shots.  His vet is about 20-25 minutes away from our home.  By the time I get home it will be close to 7 and that doesn't leave much time for dinner and crafting.  So lets hope the rest of the week doesn't fill up as quickly as last week did.  I really want to CRAFT!

Family day is today.  We are doing it at my house.  We are going to BBQ hamburgers/ hotdogs and I am making home made macaroni and cheese (low fat/low calorie) and I made a no bake cheesecake for desert.  Also low fat/ low calorie.  I am still doing well on my weight reduction.  To reach my goal will probably take up to 7 months.  But it took me 10 years to gain all this fat so I figure 7 months to get rid of it is not so bad.  Even my hubby said that his pants are starting to get a bit loose on him.  He is not overweight but it wouldn't hurt for him to loose a few pounds too.  My mom and Daughter are also doing well.  We use My Fitness Plan and love it.  All three of us have dumped 10 pounds a piece.  WOOHOO

Happy Crafting!


  1. Family day sounds great. Hope next week is calmer for you. Take yarn with you while you're at the vet, in case you have a wait.

  2. Sometimes its hard to find time for everything and our crafting normally bears the brunt of hectic weeks. Hope this week is slower but it certainly starts off busy.

  3. Even without the crafting it sounds like you're having a very successful week! Have fun with the family today!

  4. Hope this week has been a bit calmer for you! And 2 dishcloths are still 2 dishcloths!

  5. Much kudos to you for getting out there and devoting time to your health!
    The BBQ sounds so delicious!


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