Thursday, March 8, 2012

one fourth

I just realized that I am 1/4 of the way to my goal in my new healthy life.  Not too bad for it only being 5 weeks into it.  My pants are getting looser and looser and I am now into the smallest pants and blouses I have in my closet.  Can you say Shopping Trip?  I am stoked about it too.

This has been the week from H E double toothpicks!  Let me fill you in on what has been going on.

Saturday hubby and I took our two adorable, sweet, cute doggies to get their nails clipped.  He held them on the way there (they were not very good for him).  On the way back he told me he was going to drive so I got into the car and was getting Dog #1 on my lap and was holding onto Dog #2 when Dog #2 decided he didn't want to be there so he jumped out of my arms and in the process scratched the snot out of my upper arm.  By the time we got home (5 minutes later) my arm was bruised and there were wonderful little claw marks on it.  Hurt like a bear too!

Sunday arrives as a bright beautiful day.  It is going to be in the 80's so we pull the cover off our shade awning so we can open it up and keep part of the yard shaded so we can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  Hubby is so sweet and offers to go to the grocery store for me (I have already been twice and kept forgetting stuff).  So while he is gone I decide to get the table outside all cleaned off and set up for the family that is coming over for the day.  I walk from end of the yard to the other, totally forgetting that the awning has these loooooong legs on it that stick out, and my toe catches on the end of one of the legs.  Phones go flying, as well as everything else that I was carrying at the time.  I land full weight on my left knee, put my hands down to brace my fall and slide on the cool decking and land up about 2 feet into the grass.  (I guess I was speeding a bit)  I am in a panic because there is no one home.  So I think I will call my Daughter to have her come and help me.  So I grab my cell phone ( I am still laying on the ground afraid to move ).  I look at my cell phone and realize that my daughter is in Mass.  DRAT!  So there is no one else that I can think of to come and help me up.  I decide to start wiggling parts to see if anything is totally damaged.  Everything moves............I touch my knee..............owie.  But I have to get up.  So I manage to get up and hobble into the house and grab my Grand Daughter's Boo Boo bag and slap in on my knee.  Then I look down and see that my hands are bleeding where they scraped along the cool decking.  (Not the smoothest surface to slide on)  So now I hobble into the bathroom to wash them ............owie..........and pour peroxide on them.  How I love to watch that stuff bubble up.  Then I realize that our peroxide is about 10 years old.  So I call hubby and ask him to pick up a new bottle.

The day goes on as normal with me sitting with boo boo bags on my knee but it really was not all that sore then.  The next morning................................OWIE OWIE I am worried that I might have broken something in there and the base of my right thumb is on fire.  So off I go to the urgent care for xrays.  Thank the Lord.................nothing broken and the Doctor told me that for a person with Rheumatoid Arthritis I have wonderful joints.

This is day 4 post fall and I am still sore and now my ribs are hurting.  Well of course they hurt........I have been walking funny for 4 days and plus I landed pretty hard on my hands I am sure I jarred all the muscles in my upper body.  Lucky for me.................I can still knit and crochet.  HEHEHE!

Yesterday was a great day for me though.  I was able to pick up my new car that I ordered 3 weeks ago.  We thought it was going to be a month or two before it would come in.  So I am the owner of a 2012 Hyundai Elantra Limited in Sky Blue Metalic.  I love it.  It has all sorts of bells and whistles on it.  I am going to have to read the manual tonight to figure out how to work everything on it.

On a crafty note......................i have finished the body of DD Christmas Shawl and all I need to do now is the edging and then block it.  Another thing will be off my YoP list soon.  YEA!

Happy Crafting.

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