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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

mini update

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  I know we did and all the last minute crafting was worth every minute.  All the gifts were appreciated.

I do need to update my YoP list though.  I have gotten many things done and have added some other things to the mix.  I have already started on next years gift list and have even cast on a couple of items.

So here is the list of things to do in the next year:

Log cabin lapghan (when ever) Knitted  (have the yarn)
Hexipuff (one a day for as long as it takes) Crochet
Mittens for Jenn .  Knitted (have the yarn)
LaLas prayer shawl (when ever) Knitted ( in progress) For Christmas 2012
Cancer Ribbon Shawl (when ever) Crochet ( in progress)
Alpaca/Silk Prayer Shawl Crochet (in Progress for Christmas 2012)
4 blooming pillows (Have the yarn) Crochet for Christmas 2012
4 – 8 pairs of socks (Have the yarn) Knit for Christmas 2012
3 hat and scarf sets for men.  Knit for Christmas 2012 knit (Have the Yarn) (one set in progress)
Vest or Sweater for woman.  Knit or Crochet for Christmas 2012 (Have the Yarn)
Comfort Shawl (in progress)  Christmas 2012/ Crochet

 Here is the list of things that are finished:

Hat and Scarf (November gift)  Knitted (finished July 2011)
 Scarf for Jadin (by October 10th) Knitted  (finished October 2011)
Wedding Ring Afghan (finished in October 2011)
 Bedsock (Christmas) Crochet or knitted, haven't decided (Finished October 2011)                
 Hat for Josie (Finished October 2011)
wedding ring afghan (Christmas) Crochet (Finished in December 2011)
Bedsock(Christmas)  (Finished November 201
Scarf for Jenn (Finished December 23rd!!  2011)
Scarf for Josie (Finished December 26th 2011)

The comfort shawl is the gift my Daughter gave me for Christmas.  It is a lovely crocheted lace shawl made from a mohair blend.  She did not know it was mohair until she got the yarn in.  She was in a panic because I am allergic to wool.  It is only 30% mohair so not too bad.  I can get about 7 rows done before my nose starts to itch.  I will regift the shawl back to her next Christmas when she has something else to give me to do for her for the next year.  I gave her a lovely counted cross stitch to do for me.  I can not stand to cross stitch anymore and I did it for years.  But I find myself all tense and grinding my teeth while doing it now.  She feels the same way about knitting and crocheting.

I am sorry but I didn't get any pictures of all the finished items before they were whisked away on Christmas day.  But trust me everything that was finished was really lovely and well loved.

Happy crafting.

PS:  I hit Michaels the day after Christmas for their yarn sale.  I got TONS of yarn and have all the yarn I need for all the above listed projects.

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  1. Amazing and good for you. That you already have a list ofrojects for Christmas 2012!!! I with I was that organized... Maybe I will have a list ready by the end of January... That would be ambitious... But you are encouraging me some :)


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