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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Anyone else?

Now that I have almost all of my Christmas knitting/crocheting done I have already started looking at the folks I gift to each year and have started making a list of what I want to do for them this year.

Has anyone else started said same list?  I know it sounds like I am maybe getting too much ahead of myself but..........................I really don't want next year to be like this one where I am staying up until midnight every night for a month and only getting 5 hours of sleep.  Then I have to go to work on that 5 hours of work and be productive.  Not a very good thing for the office.

Of course this means that my YoP list will probably have to be changed up quite a bit.  I don't really care at this point.  I have found some lovely patterns that I truly have put names on.  So once the Christmas season is over I will update my list.  I would really like everyone in my family to receive at least ONE homemade item from me next year. 

BTW................I finished the afghan last night!  I was so happy to get that off my lap and go onto my lip balm cozies.  I still have about a dozen of them to finish before the big fat guy with the red suit comes to visit.  Each one takes about an hour to do (I am using sock yarn remember).  So if I could have 12 hours of crochet time between now and next Tuesday I will be all done with my Christmas stuff.  Did you all just look at your calendars?  I know Christmas isn't until next week Saturday (we celebrate on the 24th) but I have my secret santa party at work next Tuesday and some of these are for that party.

Better get back at it.

Happy Crafting!


  1. Wow!...and I thought I was overly organized. No, I can't say that I'm already making lists for next year's Christmas gift knitting but I admire that in you. At this point, I'm knitting lots of different designs that I like and then I'll figure out who will get what. It keeps things really interesting!

  2. No your not the only one..I've made all my gifts this year and it feels terrific but like you I'd like to have them done sooner so as to avoid the ever so late nights. My stitching has been planned to incorporate birthday presents for the year so I'm thinking I will do some knitting for xmas presents, spread it round so to speak lol.
    Well done on getting the afghan finished. Hope you get the cozies done.


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