Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week in process

Ok, this will be a long post since it is full of pictures.  But I need for you to see exactly what it is I will be working on for the next year.

Here is the scarf that I am currently working on.  It is made out of Caron Simply Soft yarn and the pattern is called Reversible Scarf (published by Caron!).  I found the free pattern at Hobby Lobby but when I started to make it I found out the flyer was printed wrong.  Lucky for me I found the correctly printed pattern on Ravelry.  This needs to be 72" long and right now is only 24 inches.  Scarves do seem to take a long time to do.  This is my first cable pattern in many years and I am really enjoying it.

This is a picture of a finished Spiderman Blanket.  This one is going to my Grandson in Texas.  This will cover a single bed nicely.  My friend, Bev, made one and hers is much smaller but she is a VERY tight crocheter where I find crochet very relaxing so mine is much looser.  This was a free pattern off the web.  It is made with Red Heart yarn.  It seemed so scratchy until I wash it and then it is nice and soft.

This pattern is called Hey Teach and I got if off of Ravelry.  This is the back of the cardigan and I really love the pattern.  I am doing it in Caron Simply Soft and really had to watch my gauge as this yarn has a tendency to knit up a bit bigger than the cotton that was called for.

Please stop laughing................but these are my socks in progress.  I barely had the toes started when I got the wild idea that I needed to do a couple of blankets for grand children so they go put on hold.  I have not decided on a pattern for them yet but I am sure by the time I have the toes finished I will come up with something.  They are made with Bernat sock yarn.

This is the shawl I am making out of the Alpaca/Silk yarn.  And I use the word yarn loosely here.  It is very fine but listed as a worsted weight because of the furryness of it.  The pattern is Eva's Shawl and I have made several of these.  They are gorgeous and hang so nicely when finished.  This is the first time I have worked with Alpaca and really like the feel of it but it is REALLY warm to work with.

My homespun shawl titled Arrow Lake.  I got the pattern from Lion's Brand website.  It looks easy but you really have to keep track of your rows or you will be frogging a lot.

Here is the Cancer Survivor Ribbon Shawl.  It was published by a church group and it has two different ways to make the pattern.  One of them is just the ribbons all the way across and the other one has small crosses in it too.  It is a fast crochet because of the fillet and really is not too hot to work on year round.  I made one in pink for my fellow employee's mother who survived breast cancer.  This is done in Caron Simply Soft because most cancer patients can not handle anything that would have the least amount of wool in it.

This is La La's shawl.  It was a knit-a-long on Ravelry last year.  Needless to say I never finished it.  I am doing it in Dark Horse yarn.  It is super soft and really a nice pattern.  But once again you really need to keep track of what row you are on.  I have frogged this more times than I would like to admit.  I think I need to put this on longer circulars as it is really starting to bunch up badly.

Here is part of the yarn for the scarf and mittens I need to do to go with the hat that has already been made and given to the owner.  It is Impeccable from Lions Brand.  It's a  very nice acrylic that works up wonderfully.

And here is the yarn for the Log Cabin lapghan.  It is "I love this yarn" from Hobby Lobby.  A great yarn that is really reasonably priced. 

Here is a photo of all my sock yarn and also the yarn I have picked out for the other prayer shawls.  I have to admit that this is only a fraction of the yarn I use to have.  I cleaned out all my yarn about 5 months ago and took 9 kitchen trash bags of yarn to a local church for them to make prayer shawls out of.  But I knew I would never in my lifetime be able to use all of that yarn and these ladies are so wonderful and supply shawls to our Cancer ministry at our parish.

Now one thing you all might have noticed is that I rarely use anything other than acrylic type yarn.  Well, I am allergic to wool as are many members of my family.  I do have some sock yarn with wool in it that I use for my mom.  I also did a lovely hat, scarf and mittens in some Lorna Laces DK weight yarn and it was wonderful.  But that went to Wisconsin.  You don't have much of a call for woolen items in the desert of Arizona.  I know lots of people here that do use it but it seems like a bit of over kill to me. 

Anyway, this is how it looks now.  Hopefully the scarf will be much longer by Sunday of next week.  I will keep you all informed.

Happy Crafting!


  1. Woooooooow you have so much yarn! I love it and I'm soo jealous! And to think that it's only a fraction of what you used to have my gosh!!! I'm excited to see your projects when their finished and I absolutely love your spiderman blanket ~ looking awesome!!!

  2. OMG I love your yarn stash, so jealous, I love your pictures of your works in progress and am especially intrigued by the spiderman blanket, love that in particular. Can't wait to see these projects grow and get completed.

  3. Iam blown away by how many WIPS you have! I can't seem to bring myself to have more than one project on the go at a time. I seems I have a need to finish something before I start something else.

    Oh how I envy your stash and when I look at my piddly stash I suddenly don't feel go bad. Sorry! Can't wait to see all the items they will turn into.

    As for acrylic, I use it in the bucket fulls, I have two boys so really to knit with wool or anything else expensive really doesn't make any sense, wash and wear is the order of the day. Also we have more summer months than winter so the need for really heavy thick pullovers are not needed.

  4. I love your stash! It's so much fun to see everybody's different collections.

  5. in with love spiderman! how long did it take??

  6. Oooh - lots of projects! I need to check out the Eva Shawl as that looks especially lovely. My friend's son would LOVE that Spiderman blanket!

  7. That Spiderman blanket is AWESOME. My nephews would have loved that when they were a bit younger!

    Your socks did make my giggle; but you've got so many other lovely projects to work on I can see how a few things must get neglected.

  8. Glad I'm not the only one with a gazillion WIPs :) Love the look of Eve's shawl - must check to see if that pattern is on Ravelry. Oh and that Spiderman blanket is fabulous. I had ideas of doing one for my grandson when he was about 5 but never got around to it. He's almost 9 now and I don't know if he's still a Spiderman fan or not ... must check as its quite stunning and I wouldn't mind making one after seeing yours.

  9. I made the mistake of showing my 5 yr old boy the spider man blanket. Now I might have to make one. ;)