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Friday, July 8, 2011

I promised

I have been promising pictures for some time now.  Today is the day.  So let the show begin.

There was the annual Mother's Day Tea at the place where my mom lives.  It was really lovely and enjoyed by all of us ladies.
Remember these lovely cactus just outside our eastern wall?  Well they are lovely to look at and the birds love to build nests in them.  Then the birds love to hang out there and hang their bottoms over our side of the fence and drop nasties there.  Our fear has been if there is a really strong wind we would have one of them come crashing into our pool.  We already had one fall but luckily it landed in the street, but it cost us a small fortune to have it removed.  So........
This gentleman was in the area

And gladly removed both of the Saguaros for us.  We did wait until all the baby birds had hatched and flown away before we did this though.
On Mother's Day she lost her first tooth.  She was so thrilled.  So told everyone that she was like her cousin Ruby now.
This is the prayer shawl I knitted for my best friend's birthday.  She is so special to me that I wanted to do something truly different for her that was from my heart.

We are not in need of shawls right now when the evening temps are still in the 90's but there will come a time when it will cool off and she will be glad she has this to cuddle with.

I am now working on my God Daughters scarf and hat that is due by November.  I did finish up my Grandson's spiderman blanket and just got another request for one today.  I will do that next one once the the temperatures go below 90 degrees.  Otherwise I will be a little pool of water on the sofa.  Those things are HOT!

So there you have it.  I post with pictures.

Happy crafting.

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