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Friday, October 1, 2010


Remember how I was complaning last month about it being September and still being over 100 degress outside.  Well, same gripe only now it is October!  But at least the swimming pool is still in use longer than normal.  Then I hear the other night that we are entering a La Nina season and that we will have a milder than normal winter.  GREAT!  This means we will have bugs up the kazoo next year.  I already have ants all over my back yard and we can not find out where they are coming from.  Now I will have crickets, spiders and goodness knows what other little critters to go with them.  All I pray for now is a lot of those cute little geckos that we have sometimes that eats all our bugs.

Ok, so much for my complaining.  Now on to the crafting front.

I got the scarf done this past weekend and now am working on the hat.  I should have that done this weekend and then the mittens will ensue.  The hat would have been done about Wednesday but I had to rip it out 4 times as I was not happy with the size of it.  I even swatched the yarn before I started and it still came out big enough for 2 small children to wear it at the same time.  It is now perfect and I am on the decreasing rows so it will be done shortly.

I have not done anymore beading for the craft sale and really want to get back to that but not until the "winter" wear is done and boxed up and sent to it's owner.  Then I can bead without and feelings of guilt.

Than my Grand Daughter found a lonely skein of light green yarn and decided she wanted me to make a blanket for her baby. (I am not sure which baby as she has LOTS of them).  So when she is there I do a couple of rows on it to appease her little self.  Otherwise it is tucked neatly away in my WIP (works in progress) area. 

We have not decided on flooring yet either.  I need to go to one of the flooring stores that my DH went to but have not had the time to do that yet.  Their hours are not very condusive to the working class folk. 

In a couple of weeks we are going to be heading to Las Vegas for our 35th wedding anniversary.  Our best friends are suppose to be going with us but that is up in the air right now since their house caught on fire and they are a bit displaced and waiting for the work to be done on it so they can move back in.  One of our sons and his wife are going also.  We are looking forward to getting away for a few days to relax and just totally enjoy ourselves.

Did I tell you that our youngest son made Chief in the US Navy? He was pinned on the 18th of September. We are so proud of him and his family. He deserved it too. We were not able to make the pinning but got lots of pictures from them of the ceremony. Here are just a few of them.

So that is my life up to the moment.  It may not sound exciting to you but to me it is wonderful and full of love, family and friends.

Until later..............................

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