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Monday, October 11, 2010


I have some FO's.  For those of you that do not craft in any way shape or form...........FO stands for...............Finished Objects.  I have lots of FO's actually.

I finished the hat, mittens and scarf for my niece/God Daughter in Wisconsin.  Now I just need to get it in the mail so she can be nice and toasty warm this winter.

I finished 2 sets (necklace, earrings, braclet) of beading for the craft show/sale.  I have another set on the beading board and I just finished a chunky chain necklace and have another one that needs a clasp put on it and that will be done!

Amazing what a person can do when they get an extra day off on the weekend.  Especially if you tell everyone that you are not doing anything that day but working on your UFO's!!!!! 

I even got to work on MY socks a bit last night.  They have been sitting there for about 4 months now waiting for me to notice them again.  It felt good to get a lot of stuff finished up and be able to work on what I wanted with out any guilt.

I will try and take some pictures to post on here of some of the FO's.  I am so bad about taking pictures and I carry a camera in my purse all the time.  Go figure.  But I really want you all to see the winter set I made as well as some of the jewelry that I have designed and made.

Ok, well that is about all for now.  TTYL

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