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Monday, March 26, 2007

still a mess

Just to let all of you know.........(not that you may care) my office is still underconstruction. They have finished one room so far and we are hoping that room #2 will be done today with room #3 started. Our new furniture for the work stations is already here and we are having to store it at another office across the courtyard from us. The real down part of this is....................(drum roll).....................there are 10 of us here and we are down to 1 bathroom! Now some of you may not see this as a problem but it is an all female office. We are use to having 3 bathrooms to use. Now I know how my mom felt growing up in a house with 7 brothers and sisters and the 2 parents with only one bathroom. (I think it was an outhouse though)

On the crafting front. I managed to get into my craftroom this weekend and went thru a lot of my looms and yarn. I am really trying to organize all of it. I have a large bookcase in there that is being moved out into our family room and once it is gone I will be putting pegboard on the wall to hang all of my looms on. I can hardly wait. I have looms stuck EVERYWHERE! I now have ten 60 gallon storage boxes full of yarn too. They take up the entire closet so I guess I need to really get busy on all my projects. But now that I am working 5 days a week I think my projects will be going a little slower than they did before. (sigh)

Well, thanks for letting me "vent".

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