Monday, March 5, 2007


I am so excited. My mom is coming to visit tomorrow and will be here for a week. This is quite an emotional time for me as my step-dad passed away just about a month ago and my mom is going to be moving down here to live. It will be nice to have mom close by but it will be strange to not have "dad" here too.

I have already located several places for her to look at this coming week so we will be quite busy taking tours. We also will be looking at furniture stores to find out if she should just sell everything and buy new or if she should hold on to a few things when she moves. My DH and I along with my son and daughter in law will be going to Kansas to move her down here after her house sells and she has her "living" estate sale.

With all this excitement I have not spent much time on any of my projects that I have going. Mostly I spend about an hour an evening needle knitting on the prayer shawl. ( I am using the circular needles that were my mom's when she was first married to my dad over 50 years ago!) I doubt that I will have much time in the next week to do much crafting either with all I have planned for us to do.

My, my, look at the time. I must get off to bed so I can get up really early (5am) to get the roast in the crock-pot and finish up some last minute cleaning.

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