Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm home

We got back from Vegas minus a few $$. But we had such a great time. It was well worth it just to get away from everything for a few days. But of course it is always nice to get home again to your own bed.

I didn't get alot of crafting done while I was gone. I managed to knit for about 45 minutes on the airplane and that was the extent of it. Now that I am back home I really need to attack my craft room and get it all organized so I can just go in there and get what I need (want) Right now I have to search, scrounge, move boxes and just generally stand in the middle of the room and look confused.

More exciting news (for me anyway). They are remodeling our office for the next week! Now this may not seem exciting to anyone else but if you were in my office you would get a big thrill. There are nine (soon to be 10) employees in the office. During the remodeling we are all in the office and the workers have to kind or work around us. Right now my office is being worked on so I have no phone, computer or desk. So I am kind of just taking up bits of space at other peoples work stations. There are 2 other girls with the same issue. The most interesting part will be when they tear up the part of the office that houses 3 girls soon to be 4 and all four of them will be wandering around looking for a place to be. Maybe I should bring my video camera in just so we can have a few chuckles at the Christmas party this year.

Until next time..................have a great day.

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