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Sunday, May 21, 2023



I have quite a bit to show and talk about today.  So just sit back and enjoy the show.

Here is the shawl.  I did not show it last week so what you see is two weeks of knitting.

It is very slow going now.  I have 325 stitches on the needles and it increases by 4 every other row.  There are 6 rows in each pattern repeat.  I am on repeat #26 and need to go to repeat #37 before doing the 8 row edging and bind off.  Hopefully this will be done by the end of June.  I do not want to carry this over into next years YOP!

I got some treasures in the mail.  Leading Men Fibers had a dating game sale.  They had quite a few single skeins of yarn and needed to sell them to make room for more yarn.  All you get to do is select the fiber content and weight of yarn you want.  That's it.  Then they select the yarn color and you get a surprise when you receive it.

Let me tell you, I was very surprised as well as pleased.  

I would never picked out the green yarn.  Yet, I think I am going to enjoy using it.  Either all by itself or as contrast for heels and toes.  The other yarn, I would have picked.  

Look at all those fun colors in this yarn.  Leading Men Fibers always offers free winding services of their yarn.  I declined as I knew if they had it all wound up for me, I would be tempted to start another project.  Both of these skeins are 75% superwash merino and 25% nylon called Show Stopper.  I have used this yarn before and really like the way it knits up with great stitch definition.  It also seems to soften up as I knit with it.  Hubby really likes both of the colorways and was even kind of excited to think of getting some green socks.

Last Sunday we took off and went to Payson.  It is about an hour north of us in the mountains.  Temps there were much cooler and we enjoyed the break from our heat that has already come upon us.  We had a lovely hotel room........actually it turned out to be a suite!  Being it was in a casino, we were able to do a little bit of slot machine play.  Not much though as we really just enjoyed being in our room and enjoying the cool fresh air on the balcony.

We did go out for dinner at a local Mexican food restaurant.  The d├ęcor inside made me happy.

This was the artwork on the side of the booth I sat on.  It is carved in the wood and then painted.

This was the one on hubby's side.

The back of a chair across from us.  This one you can see the carving.  They were all made in Mexico.  I was greatly impressed by the workman ship.

This was the top of our table.  It is not carved but the painting was awesome.  The food was excellent too.

When we got home I realized I needed to make some bread.  Sourdough has been my go to for the past few weeks.  This time I tried my hand at a small loaf and used pumpernickel flour along with the white bread flour.

It turned out perfect.  Just the right size for the two of us to eat in a few days time.  Next time I am going to make this in my mini loaf pans.

I think it will fit nicely in 2 of them.  Stand by for results next week.

Lastly..........................I have been on YOP since it started over 12 years ago.  At that time, my grand daughter, Josie was just graduating from Kindergarten.  Fast forward to this past week. She has officially graduated from High School!  Yes, my friends, she has grown up on us.  She has already enrolled in classes for community college this fall,

Where did the time go?  We have her graduation party this afternoon.  We are very proud of her and all she has accomplished in her 17 years on this earth.

We only have one more grand child to graduate from high school.  That should happen around December this year.  

Next Sunday, I will be posting photos of a couple of parties that are happening this week.  Josie's Graduation and my birthday.  No................my birthday is not until June 1 but......We are doing it early because of people traveling over Memorial day week.  

Until Next Time.........................Happy Crafting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Wow! Congratulations to Josie and best wishes at community college. Great idea to use the lime green as sock contrast yarn. Last summer I bought a tee's quantity of a similar colored yarn. Still trying to figure out what pattern to knit.

  2. congrats to Josie!! time flies when you're having fun :) Love that green yarn, so cheerful!

  3. I can't believe how grown up she is....I joined YOP the 2nd year but I remember her as a cute little one! Where does the time go? Congratulations to all of you....it takes a village to raise a child! You all did fantastic and so did Josie!
    That is a big shawl project! Love your new yarns and what a cute loaf of bread. Happy Birthday and enjoy all the festivities. Oh, the carvings and paintings in that restaurant are beautiful.

  4. Liz here…so much to comment on. What a lovely young lady Josie has grown into, you must be super proud of her. That shawl sounds like it’s going to me huge, but I’m sure will be fabulous. I wouldn’t have picked that green but I think they’d make a fabulous cheery bright pair of socks or make a real contrast with some grey, black or dark blue yarn in stripes or as heel, cuffs and toes. The purpley one is obviously perfect for you. The Mexican restaurant is so cool, I love places where there’s lots of stuff to keep looking at during dinner. We went to a place in Costa Rica that had so much going on on the walls it made for a fun meal and experience. I know it’s a few days away but I do hope you have a wonderful birthday and Josie enjoys her graduation.

  5. I hope Josie enjoys har graduation (and you, of course - time is definitely flying). I love your new yarn and love the bright green!

  6. What a sweet picture of you two and Josie. What a pretty girl she is. And how fun to get such a beautiful yarn picked out by someone else. Both colors will be fun to use!


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