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Thursday, November 3, 2022



I am working as much as possible on my Nuuk sweater.  Our weather has turned quite cool and this will be perfect for it.  However.......You know I never do a pattern 100% the way it is written.  This time has been no exception.  I needed to adjust it for my body shape so it is now more of an a-line than a straight down sweater.  The pattern sleeves were huge so I had to reduce the underarm stitches there.  I am starting to get to the hip area of the sweater.  I do not like ribbing on the bottom of my sweaters as I feel they just draw in the sweater and make my hips look larger than they already are.  So, I wanted to do a lace edging on the bottom of the sweater.  Hmmmm.  Since I am not a designer I needed to find a lace edging that was not worked from side to side or one needing to be sewn on.

The hunt began last week.  Yesterday, I found a sweater pattern with a cute lace bottom.  Just a few things for me to do.  First off, find out how many stitches did the lace pattern take for each repeat.  Count the stitches on my needles.  Do some division, multiplication, subtraction and pray.  Hopefully, my math is spot on.  I have 3 more stitches than are needed for the lace repeats.  I will put a couple on one side of the sweater and the other one on the other side.  I doubt anyone will notice unless they want to  invade my personal space.  (I do not recommend that)

This baby is getting close to where I will be doing the lace edging.  My goal is to have it completed by next Friday.

Until next time................happy crafting!

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  1. may you reach your goal well ahead of schedule! It's beautiful :)


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