Sunday, March 6, 2016

YoP week 36

Hello everyone.  Another week has passed and we only have 16 more weeks in Year of Projects Year 5.  I can not believe I have participated in all 5 years.  I have truly been blessed in these past 5 years.  I have learned so much about knitting, crocheting, sewing and books.  I have 'met' some of the most interesting people around the world.  If I were to travel to some place where some of my fellow bloggers lived, I would want to meet them in person over lunch, dinner or even breakfast.  Heck, I would even be willing to lift a 'pint' with them.  But.....................alas.......................I don't normally go too far out of my normal travel routine.  There are only about 3 places I travel to: Las Vegas, Dallas/Fort Worth and Seattle. Now if any of my fellow bloggers live in any of those areas, please let me know.  Especially, if you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as I am traveling there in the next couple of weeks.  I will be there for almost 3 weeks.  I would love to greet and meet you if possible.

The reason I will be traveling is:  My Daughter In Law will be coming home after a one year deployment to Afghanistan.  We have all missed her so much and have prayed for her safety daily.  My son (her hubby) is going to drive to the east coast to pick her up and drive her home.  I get the pleasure and blessing of staying with my grandchildren and taking care of them.  Now here is the best son and this wonderful young lady were married when she came home on leave in November!  I now have a new grand daughter that is 10 years old that I have never met.  This will be the first time I will get to meet her and I am sooooo looking forward to it.  Can you tell I am excited about this?  I love the way my grand children count keeps expanding.  This will make grandchild #7!  I think this is it though.  But that is fine with me.  I love each and everyone of them with my whole heart.

Enough about family (for the moment).  Let's talk about crafting.

I worked on my sweater a bit this week.  Still not making huge progress................well, maybe a bit more than I realized.  The first panel is over half way done.  I am hoping to have it finished before I leave on a jet plane.  Then I will only have the other panel to do and with three weeks of fun and games with the grands, I am hoping to get a good start on that.

I did sew this week and was just getting ready to go and take a photo of the finished top when I realized it was in the washing machine.  It was a bit stiff from the sizing in the material.  I needed it to relax a bit. I am going to be starting on blouse #2 today and should have it done in a few hours.  These are not complicated blouses to do.  Well, that is if you don't attach the facing upside down and have to rip it out and start over again.  That did take a bit of time on the first one.  But I have learned from my mistake there.  Also, it calls for interfacing on the yoke and I did it on #1 but..............I don't like it.  It is way too stiff and uncomfortable so I am not going to put it in the others.  I like softness against my skin.  I am hoping to have about 4-5 tops done before I take off in 11 days.

I am only working on one pattern right now.  The other pattern takes a bit more time and I will concentrate on that one when I get home from my travels.  Here is a little funny thing.....I was looking for my interfacing after buying all my material and BOOM..................I found 3 cuts of fabric for tops and one cut of fabric for a dress!  Another blessing as the pattern I am working on now also has a dress pattern with it.  So I am going to make me a dress to take to Texas for Easter Mass.  I will have plenty of tops for this summer now.  I am very excited. I was getting tired of wearing tee shirts all the time.  I wanted to look like a woman again.  I thought after retirement I wouldn't care about my appearance as much.............wrong.  I still care and have more time to care.  

Now for a little family update.......................Last week I told you my son and his daughter were down with the flu.  (this is the son that lives in Arizona).  They have finally gotten back to the land of the living.  They were at church last night with us.  Unfortunately, mommy is now pretty sick.  It's not the flu but she has a horrible case of bronchitis.  Needless to say, their home is still quarantined for me.  But is was so good to see the other two yesterday.  I really missed them.  I know several of you had the flu last week, I am hoping you all are on the road to recovery too.

That is about all for right now.  I need to go flip the laundry into the dryer and go and get sewing.

Happy Crafting!


Minding My Own Stitches said...

Sounds like a very exciting trip! I can't wait to hear about it! I'd guess that you've spent lots of time thinking about the granddaughter you're about to meet, so it will be interesting to hear in what ways she feels familiar and in what ways she surprises you!

Glad to hear most people are on the mend. I'm feeling about 90%... just some lingering sniffles. I thought I'd be driving Gavin to the hospital yesterday as he was just getting worse and worse each day, when suddenly yesterday I realized that his flu was being compounded by histamine headaches. A double dose of extra strength Benadryl has him feeling better than he has in days, so hopefully he has turned a corner now. At the moment he's talking about going outside for a walk, so that's a huge improvement over lying on the sofa looking ashen and miserable!

Please do show us photos of your finished tops. I could use some inspiration to upgrade my spring wardrobe from old t-shirts!

Lucy Bowen said...

I bet you'll have a ball with the grandchildren. I know what you mean about bloggers from all over. I don't go far, but in my mind I am transported to all manner of places every Sunday. I'm there in spirit - or maybe a glass of wine!

Lucy Bowen said...

I bet you'll have a ball with the grandchildren. I know what you mean about bloggers from all over. I don't go far, but in my mind I am transported to all manner of places every Sunday. I'm there in spirit - or maybe a glass of wine!

Becki said...

I love reading about your grandchildren. Your grandmother love is infectious - I have none on the near horizon, but I smiled as I read about your eagerness to see them and meet your newest granddaughter. :^) I'd love to see pictures of your tops. You have inspired me to think more seriously about getting my sewing machine out. There is no reason to not have clothes one enjoys when one can sew!

Ruth said...

Oh no wonder your excited! What an exciting trip and I do hope you have a great trip, do tell us all the news when you get back! Now as for the crafting, you've been a busy bee and yayyy to finding the fabric, I admire anyone who can sew a garment and now you'll have a wardrobe amount of new tops yayyy. Do show us some of the pics of the tops too, would love to see :)

Sam I Am...... said...

My cousin went to Arizona and she and her husband both came down with the flu and their kids live there and got sick was on the news about a strong flu going on in Arizona.
You have so much great news! I'm so happy for you and your family! enjoy your trip and wearing your new clothes!