Monday, February 29, 2016

Yup, another update

I have no clue as to what week we are in.  I do know it always seems the YoP goes faster after Christmas is over and all those hand made gifts are done and out the door.

This week was wild.  I worked on my sweater a bit.  Not enough that you could really tell I did much.  I actually completed 3 repeats of the 4 patterns but it is still not ready to bind off. Still need to do another 4 repeats and then I still have the back to do.

The flu has hit my son's family.  The Grand daughter has been down and out since Saturday morning,  Daddy got it today and mommy was smart and got a flu shot so all she has is a sinus infection.  I am not allowed to take the flu shot because of meds I take so I am not allowed to be anywhere near them for at least a week.  Hubby did go by there and drop off homework for the girl but he said he was out of there in about 30 seconds and came home and washed his hands real good.  No, we really are not germaphobes but I have a very important trip coming up on 2 weeks and do not have time to get sick.  Much less with the flu that is going around here in Arizona.  We have already had 1 death from it and many hospitalized.  Arizona has been hit the worse of any other state.  How nice is that.....NOT!

Ok, enough about ickiness.  

You know, back in the day, I use to make all my clothes and even my kids clothes and shirts for my hubby.  It was so much cheaper back then.  Then the cost of material became so high that sewing was no longer saving money.  Walmart, KMart, Target and some other discount stores made clothing very affordable and there was not need to sew them.

This past week, I spent several days trying on blouses.  I knew what I wanted and the type of blouse I love.  I found ONE.  That's right, only one blouse and the color was so horrible, I looked dead in it.  Then the price tag was staggering too.  That did it.  Off to JoAnn's I went.  McCalls patterns were on sale for $1.99 each.  (better that he $17.95 they normally are)  I found two patterns that would make the perfect type of blouse that I love.

This one has so many choices.  I really like the loose and flowing fit of it.  I do not like anything that clings or hugs me in any way.  I feel confined in clingy clothes.  And yes, I am claustrophobic.  I like the fact this also has pant patterns in it too.

 This pattern is exactly like the blouse I tried on that I fell in love with.  I am going to make the sleeves short as it is way too hot here for long sleeves in the summer.  Once again, nice and flowing.

After finding the 2 patterns I was off to find material to make them with.  I had a horrible time finding just the right material.  I was ready to leave the store and go to another JoAnn's when I saw the clearance aisle.  Well, blow me over!  I found 4 different materials (2 for each blouse) and for $5 a yard!  Each blouse takes about 2 years so I made a great deal.  Try and find a blouse for $10 these days.  So, I am back into the sewing mode.  That is what I will be working on for the next couple of weeks.  I want them available to take on my trip. 
Here is a crummy shot of the material.  The two on the left are for the bottom pattern and the 2 on the right for the top pattern.  And since you asked..............yes, purple is my favorite color.  I have to admit, most of my closet is full of black and white clothes.  I am making a real effort to have more color in my wardrobe.

The other lovely thing that I got this week is this...............................

It is a Janetbasket Eco Bag.  I knew I needed something to travel with and so I went to Amazon and just typed in Knitting Project bags and these came up.  I am in love.  It has two ways for it to zip closed.  It can be 'flat' topped or close like a carpet bag.  The inside is wonderful too.,

Lots of pockets to hold all the accessories needed as well as a large pocket for patterns or tablet.  It also stays open so you can leave your yarn in there and just work away.  It has a metal frame in the outer edges so it is not going to collapse on you.    But when it is empty, you can make it go flat.  It is way cool.  I also ordered the strap that goes with it but that won't be here until the end of this week.  And is purple too.

So that is all for this week.  I hope you all had a fabulous week and used your extra 24 hours this year to do something fun.

Happy Crafting!


  1. I hope your family recover soon and that you successfully avoid the flu. The patterns you have chosen are brilliant and such a bargain along with the gorgeous fabric. Love the project bag, it looks lovely and roomy too.

  2. I hope your family recover soon and that you successfully avoid the flu. The patterns you have chosen are brilliant and such a bargain along with the gorgeous fabric. Love the project bag, it looks lovely and roomy too.

  3. Flu is best avoided if possible, especially before a trip. I am finally starting to feel human again but the last two weeks were a write-off. Can't imagine being on vacation feeling like that! Also, my Mom passed away from Lupus, so we are well-trained in hand-washing. It's a very good habit to maintain!

    I love the fabric you picked. I'm going to have to start looking at sewing patterns online. Like you I have a style in mind but no inclination to pay retail!

  4. I like both your blouse patterns and can't wait to see them finished. I've been wanting to get back to sewing - maybe you'll provide me some inspiration.

  5. I heard about that terrible flu in your state especially! Stay well all of you. I love your patterns as I can't find anything that is comfortable and not knit (knits are too warm here) and I'm like you, I do not want anything clinging to me at all. They do not make clothes for mature women and if they do they are ugly. I love your materials you chose and the top pattern is what I have been looking for. Good deal on the fabrics and the patterns! The bag is so pretty and sounds really functional too.


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