Sunday, February 7, 2016

YoP Update

 Another week has passed and I have managed to actually finish up a project.  Yup, Hubby's socks got completed this past week and I am very happy with them.
 This yarn is Berroco comfort sock yarn and I can not tell you the colorway of it as I do not have the ball band anymore.  I do love how the yarn patterns itself into an intarsia type pattern.  I have used their colorway, french garden, and it does the same thing. Other colors in this yarn are subtle stripes.  I think what I like best about this yarn is the fact it is non wool and the price is right.  Around $9 for one skein which is 100gm and plenty to make a pair of socks.  It is a little heavier than other sock yarns but makes for a nice cushion for the footbed. what do I work on.  I have many WIP's sitting in my craftroom just waiting to have me pay some attention to them.  I have been pretty good about being an monogamous knitter the past few months.  This is a good thing too.  It seems that I was not that way so much for several years.  Hence the reason I have so many WIP's sitting in my room waiting for me.  How do I pick which one to work on for the next little while.  It was a bit of a difficult choice.  But here is how I came up with my pick.  I looked at my calendar over the next few months to see what I was doing.  I am taking a long 'vacation' in March, and really wanted something that would be easy to take along on that trip and would last through the trip.  

GOT IT!!!!  My Dive In prayer shawl.  It is made with sock yarn and will take a few whiles to complete this.  I am not really following that pattern other than the row count/pattern.  I wanted this to show the self striping yarn and the actual pattern breaks it up too often for my liking.  It is an asymmetrical pattern.  I have done another shawl in the asymmetrical and it was loved by the people at our church's prayer shawl ministry.  So.......once again I will do one asymmetrically and give it to the prayer shawl ministry at our church.  This yarn is very soft and totally washable.  It is a non wool yarn that I have had in my stash for several years.  I made myself a slouch hat and fingerless mitts out of it and had so much left over.  I really didn't want socks out of it, as it doesn't feel like something that would wear well on the feet.   
I really need to stop throwing ball bands away when I wind up my yarn.  I am getting better at it now.  But a few years back, I didn't think it mattered so, they went to the trash bin.  Since being on Ravelry and in the Year of Projects group, I now know that everyone really wants to know "what yarn is that and where did you get it".  Yup, lesson learned.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, here in the States.  It is a time for friends and family to get together and have non healthy food all day and enjoy watching 2 football teams strive to be the best.  Hopefully, this years game is better than last years was.  I like a good close CLEAN game.  No ugliness, no cheating, no whining, no getting all upset about calls.  Just play the game the way it is meant to be played and have fun.  After all................IT IS A GAME!.  Winning or loosing will not stop world hunger, cause peace to happen across the world or keep natural disasters from happening.

Excuse me while I get off my soap box.  HEEHEE  So, hubby and I will be heading to my son's house this afternoon to enjoy some family time and football.

This next week looks pretty good for me.  I am hoping to get some deep cleaning done in my home.  I have been wanting to do that since retirement hit 7 months ago.  So far, I have only gotten to one room to deep clean.  Also, Hubby and I joined a gym 3 weeks ago and have yet to step foot in it.  That stops this week also.  I asked hubby if he would mind if I just went without him.  He said to go ahead and go.  So I will be heading out to the gym this week to get back into that routine. I have been before and actually loved going.  It gives me time to listen to MY music and reflect on my day and things I want to do.  It is a win win situation for me.

I am off to go and facilitate a class at my church today.  Yesterday, we facilitated a retreat all day at church and it was amazing.  I can not wait to find out how, the people that went, liked it.  

Until next time.......................Happy Crafting!


  1. I live in the land where the Superb Owl 50 LARP event is happening. We're sheltering in place until tomorrow morning, when the mess is over!

  2. Looks like the perfect choice for travel knitting! Like the striping of the yarn on the diagonals!

    Here in Canada there are lots of people who will be watching the Super Bowl but I don't think there's anyone in this household who could even tell you who is playing :) It's all hockey here!

    Good for you to join a gym. I started running late last year and love it for the same reasons as you! It's ME time... my music, my meditation, starts my day with very positive feelings!

    Now, fingers crossed that the participants are all as positive about the retreat as you are. I bet they thought it was amazing too!

  3. Love the finished socks and your shawl looks to be the perfect travelling project. Our rugby season starts off today with our first match, it ended in a draw, it was a good game with both sides showing respect and working hard. Enjoy the trip to the gym :)

  4. Your socks are gorgeous, I love the way the yarn looks like it is patterned. The prayer shawl looks lovely and I too like what you have done to showcase the stripes.

  5. Your socks are gorgeous, I love the way the yarn looks like it is patterned. The prayer shawl looks lovely and I too like what you have done to showcase the stripes.

  6. Those socks are great. I love the colors in that yarn. Hubby is enjoying the game in the living room and I'm in the family room enjoying catching up with my fellow Yoppers tonight. Win win. :^)


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