Sunday, October 12, 2014

YoP update

Another week has flown past.  Do you realize how close we are to Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas?  After that, we will be welcoming in 2015.  I seems like yesterday I was just putting away all the Christmas decorations.  Another month, and I will be pulling them out again.

I probably will not update next week due to the road trip and time I have off work.  I would like to use it to actually work on some projects and see if I can complete something.

I did have some fun this week in the fiber area.  I started a new project.  
Riding on the Metro Socks, has been on my do to list for several years,  Finally, I decided, it was time to cast them on since I had a nice set of needles to do them on now.  I don't want to scare anyone away from this pattern, but I have frogged, tinked, ripped out about as many stitches as I have knitted.  You really have to keep track of the count or you end up with a real squirly looking pattern.  It is not a complicate lace pattern either.  I don't know if I will be able to memorize it as I go along.  I doubt it.  

The yarn is Knit Picks "Comfy" fingering weight.  The color is Lilac, but I think it looks flat out PURPLE.  I love purple, so these socks will be for me.  I have only made myself 2 pairs of socks.  Granted, I don't need warm socks 80% of the year.  But for that other 20%, I would like to be able to wear my hand made socks.  I will be taking this project with me on my road trip that is coming up.  I will also be taking my dishcloth yarn and needles so I can do some mindless knitting when it is needed.

I did not work on the baby blanket at all this week.  So , No, it didn't get any bigger.  And, No, I didn't work on the other slipper this week either.  I am away from my home from 6:30am until 6:30pm, most days.  So that does not leave me a lot of time to craft at the moment.  I do my own driving to and from work, so there isn't any commute time to work on any projects.  Lunch is eaten at my desk while perusing Ravelry.

The other thing I did this weekend, I took y'alls advice and took my gift cards from my LYS and went shopping.  I am glad I did.  They actually had expired the end of May, but the owner was kind enough to allow me to use them if I used them that day.  I got 8 skeins of a lovely baby cotton yarn and 3 gorgeous skeins of lace weight yarn.  I spent NO $$$ out of my pocket.  In fact, there was $1.50 on the gift cards when I was done and I told them to keep it.  That fixed my thirst for fiber fun.  I should be good until the end of this YoP now.

Let's see how I am doing again:

YoP 4 List
New items to do

(These make the best Christmas gifts and my entire family said they need new ones)

WIP's to complete

Log Cabin Blanket
(This has been in my WIP pile for about 3 years now.  It needs to leave it)

Yearly projects I do anyway

12 dishcloths 
( These also make such nice Christmas gifts and are quick and fun to do)

( I love doing them and can not say how many pairs I will complete but need to do some)

Things to increase my skills

2-3 test knits/crochet
(I have done a few of these over the past year and loved doing them.  They totally test my skills as a crafter and help me branch out into areas I would never ever think of going)
Personal Goal

Use only the yarn from my stash for all the above projects.
( I am truly going to try NOT to purchase any more yarn this year.  I have already gone 4 months without buying any yarn and I figure I can continue that trend for at least another 12 months.)

Take photos of ALL items when done.
(I have a habit of gifting items and never photographing them for my blog)
YUP, SO FAR AS OF 10/12/14

Lapghan for my mom
(I started on this on July 1st since this is when the official YoP 4 started)

2-3 Doll Clothes
(I really want to get this done this year......I really do)

1 fingerless mitt
( This is for a Christmas gift this year so it WILL be done soon)
FINISHED 8/12/14

One sock
(This also needs to be done for Christmas.  It's been lingering around for 6 months)


  1. Love the colour of your socks and so glad you got to squish new yarn!!

  2. Yeah, I can't craft on my commute either or at lunch..not enough I only craft at home..

    Here in CT, several years ago, a law was passed..there are no expiration dates on gift cards/certificates...

    that purple is lovely...

  3. I can understand not needing warm socks 80% of the year...I live in Northern California (San Francisco). It doesn't get cold here. My first sweater is folded up in a drawer, never to be worn unless we venture to Tahoe or somewhere where it actually gets cold in the winter. ::sigh::

    That doesn't mean I don't knit socks for myself.

  4. Love the colour of those socks! And I am thinking I could quickly fall in love with the pattern too!

  5. Lovely yarn and sock pattern. So glad you got some new fiber but where are the picture of it? Enjoy your new purchases.

  6. It would have been awful if you hadn't got to use the cards. It's so nice of the LYS owner to give you that bit of leeway! And nothing additional spent, so who can complain!

    I like royal purples much more than lilac ... wanna armwrestle for those socks?


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