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Sunday, July 27, 2014

YoP week 4

Another week has flown past.  I have been a busy bee with both crafting and personal life.  AND........I have photos once again.  HEEHEE..............I can not believe that I actually have kept that up for a whole month.  I don't know why it has been so hard for me to remember to photograph in the past.  My little point and shoot camera sits right by the computer at all times, so it's not like I can never find the camera.  Before you all get all up in arms about the fact that I use a point and shoot camera for my photos..................I do have a nice Kodak with all the bells and whistles on it, but................................it is a pain in the arse to download the pictures to my computer and even harder to get them transferred to my blog.  Yes, I am an impatient person at times.

Any who....................Let's see what transpired this week in the crafting life of a lefty crafter.

First up......................
Another doll dress for the American Girl doll.  I modified the pattern just a smidgen.

I added the white trim to it as the neck and sleeves did not lay properly when I was finished with it.  And since it is an acrylic yarn with plastic sequins on it, blocking with an iron didn't seem like too good of an idea.

It also called for three button down the back but..........................no button holes were in the pattern and the knit was too tight to push buttons through.  So I used an large hook and eye at the neckline to close it.  I think my Grand Daughter will like it.  

Here is something else I finished

Another dishcloth!  They are so quick and easy to do......................well most of them.

This one took a bit more time to complete since it had a pattern in the pattern.  This one is for my BFF.  She works at a Vets office and loves her doggies.  She looks forward to her dishcloths that she gets each year at Christmas.  She normally starts hinting about this time of year that she is in need of a few more of them.  Even though they last for a long time, she loves getting new ones each year and I am more than happy to make them for someone that really appreciates the work that goes into them.

I worked on the second sock a bit this week too but only got about 6-10 rows done on it.  It is kind of my 'go to' project while I am considering what I want to start on next.

So how am I doing?

YoP 4 List

New items to do
Lapghan for my mom
(I started on this on July 1st since this is when the official YoP 4 started)

2-3 Doll Clothes
(I really want to get this done this year......I really do)
TWO DONE 7/16/14
FINISHED 7/22/14

(These make the best Christmas gifts and my entire family said they need new ones)

WIP's to complete

1 fingerless mitt
( This is for a Christmas gift this year so it WILL be done soon)

Log Cabin Blanket
(This has been in my WIP pile for about 3 years now.  It needs to leave it)

One sock
(This also needs to be done for Christmas.  It's been lingering around for 6 months)

Yearly projects I do anyway

12 dishcloths 
( These also make such nice Christmas gifts and are quick and fun to do)

( I love doing them and can not say how many pairs I will complete but need to do some)

Things to increase my skills

2-3 test knits/crochet
(I have done a few of these over the past year and loved doing them.  They totally test my skills as a crafter and help me branch out into areas I would never ever think of going)

Personal Goal

Use only the yarn from my stash for all the above projects.
( I am truly going to try NOT to purchase any more yarn this year.  I have already gone 4 months without buying any yarn and I figure I can continue that trend for at least another 12 months.)

Take photos of ALL items when done.
(I have a habit of gifting items and never photographing them for my blog)
YUP, SO FAR AS OF 7/27/14

This past week was a busy one on the personal front.  So let's find out what happened this week.

Monday....................worked as usual and then headed out to visit my mom in her assisted living facility.  It is a bit of a drive but I enjoy the time I get with her and she looks forward to my visits. (Probably because I bring her goodies to eat)

Tuesday.................My female dog had a dental done at the vets office and ended up loosing 10 teeth.  (dogs have 42 so she has plenty left to eat with)  Hubby had to go to the dentist too and lost one tooth.  So I played nurse maid all day and night to these loves.  Hubby is doing fine and the dog is getting along just fine too.  But a stressful day to say the least.  Although, this is the day I was able to complete the doll dress.

Wednesday.............work, work, work.  I enjoy my job but with all that had happened the day before, I was exhausted and by the time I got home I just wanted to go to sleep.  But I didn't.  I cooked dinner (soft food) for hubby and I, took my male dog out for his daily training and knitted to ease my mind of all things.

Thursday....................Worked and then headed out to visit mom again.  I go twice a week to see her.  Other family members go on three other days so she is not without family support.  Lucky for us, we had leftovers from Wednesday so dinner was a breeze to do.  Started knitting on a dishcloth to relax me.

Friday.....................Went to work and could not connect to our server.  Called our IT person and it took them 2 hours to get to our office.  Seems one of our drivers bit the dust.  They worked on it until after 1 and decided that they needed to take it home over the weekend to get it fixed.  So in the mean time, all of us 'girls' at the office, cleaned the whole office and made it look all nice and shiny.  We left early since there was nothing we could do after that.  Went to start my car and it was DEAD!  No clicking, no grinding, nothing.  Called hubby to let him know and one of the girls gave me a ride home.  Then Hubby and I went out on a date that night.  Had not done that in a looooooong time and it was so much fun.  We played bingo at one of the local casinos.Didn't win a thing.  So we thought we would try our luck at a couple of slots.  WOOHOO!  Went home with more $$$ than we started with.  Made up for all the ugly stuff that happened during the day.

Saturday.........................went to get the car.  Couldn't jump it.  Lucky for us, we have roadside assistance (it is a new car).  So, got a tow truck out there and he towed it to our dealership.  Managed to get home and cleaned up in time to get boy dog to his doggie school.  Went home and had lunch and knit until it was time to go to church.  (still waiting at this point to find out what is going on with the car)  After church, I called the dealership and it took 20 minutes to get someone to give us an update on the car.  It is fixed!!!!!!!!!  Seems there was something in the gear shift panel that had gone bad.  It is now replaced and ready to go.  Decided to wait until Sunday to pick up the car as we were hungry and wanted to go eat.  Out to dinner we went and then came home and I finished up the doggie paw dishcloth.  Went outside for the dogs last potty of the night and WHAT A LIGHT SHOW we had going.  Lightning everywhere.  Streaks and streaks of it.  It was beautiful.  (just praying that nothing was getting hit with the lightning though)  Went to bed and the STORM hit!  Winds so hard that it blew our front door open.  We have a solid wood front door and it is double locked, so blowing it open would take some gale force winds.  Both dogs were buried under our covers and shaking so hard, it felt like we had one of those cheap hotel beds with the vibrating machine on it.

This morning I got up and went outside to survey any damage that might have happened from the storm.  I am happy to say....................we are all ok and no damage to any of our property.  The best part is........................it really cooled off the temps.  It was a nice 81 this morning and compared to the 93 it has been most mornings this week, it was a pleasant change.

Now I am off to look for a receipt that I need for the auto dealership.  Will go and walk the dogs and take them through their paces for their obedience class.  Then will go and pick up my car and come home and hopefully get the laundry done,  make menus for this weeks dinners, grocery shop, and some more knitting.  I already have another project cast on and hopefully will complete it today.  Yup, another dishcloth.

Happy crafting.


  1. I feel tired just reading your post!! You have accomplished so much this week. Love the dress and the footprint cloth.

  2. The dress came out nicely. The color is vivid. The colorway of the first dishcloth came out neat. I looked reading about how your very friend looks forward to her annual dishcloh gift.

  3. I love the doggy paw print dish cloth... I love making personal gifts that have real meaning!

  4. Thank goodness the car trouble was nothing serious!

    Good of you all to visit your Mom so often. I found with my Mom that she needed some stimulation to give her conversational topics for the rest of the week :)

    That paws dishcloth is adorable; I bet your friend loves it!

  5. That dress is adorable!
    I love dish clothes with personality!

  6. Whew...exhausting week! My car died too, but luckily we were able to jump it....the cloths are great.....

  7. I've made a baby blanket out of those paw print dishcloths :) They're so cute!

  8. Oh my you've made me tired reading that!, what a busy week with stressy kind of days dotted in. I'm glad everything is ok and hope it all goes smoother this week. That dress is just darling and I actually think the white trim sets it off even better. I have some aunts who really look for the cloths come christmas also and I know when they first received them they were a bit like what! actually most who get them are like that so I have to tell them to trust me and try them and when they do they are my most requested gift to get, who'd have known little ole knitted or crocheted dishcloths could have so much power :)

  9. You had quite the week and still managed to take care of everything and everyone. Women are amazing...aren't we! Glad your car is fixed and what a storm! I've never had a door blow open. Thank goodness you're all okay. Where do you live? Sounds like our weather although we missed the storms but it did cool off last night. I hope you have a nice quiet, peaceful week ahead.
    Oh, love the little dress and the washcloth turned out so cool the way the colors went on it. Very pretty both of them. Glad you have your handwork to relax with...you needed it last week!

  10. That dress is amazing! Fabulous job! And I think I need to make that paw cloth! I am a HUGE GSD fan (and puppy mommy of 2!)

  11. Gosh, you've had such a busy week! Hope you can relax a bit soon!


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