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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week one YOP and other stuff

First week and I am posting on Sunday because we went to Mass last night so I have today pretty much free.

I will do my crafting info in the first part of this post and then update everyone on my personal stuff in the second part.  So if you don't care about my personal life....................you can skip that part.

First WIP up is my Green Bay Packers afghan.  This is being made for my BFF for Christmas.  You will not be seeing pictures of it again for a while.  It has been put into time out in my craft room until the temperatures drop below 100.

Just so you have an idea of how hot it is right now.......I took these pictures this morning around 8 AM and it was already almost 100 and the humidity is really up for us.  We are in the Monsoon season and this is the WORST time of year.  Dust, rain, wind, humidity, night time temps in the 90's.  Yup, but it only lasts for about 2-3 months.  LOL

This is my second Radian Yoke Sweater that I am making.  I am not so sure I want to continue with it.  The yarn is a linen and cotton blend and I do like the coolness of it.  But for some reason, it is not speaking to me.  I loved my first one that I made and maybe that is the problem.  Since I have already made one of them I don't want another.  But the first one does not fit me well and now I know how to adjust the pattern to make it fit superbly.  I will think about it for a while and then decide what to do with it.

Next up is the project I am currently working on.  My Honey cardigan for my grand daughter.  I won this pattern off of a facebook post and I am loving it.  Once I got past the lace top it is pretty much a mindless knit and that is what I am needing right now in my life. (Explanation to follow in personal section)

Here is a close up of the lace portion.

I love the yarn that I am using.  It is self striping so that makes the project so much more fun for me.  The yarn is from JoAnn's and called Sensations Breeze.  It has kind of a nubby texture and is suppose to be a DK weight but I found it to knit up more like a fingering weight.  I had to go up 2 needles sizes from the pattern called for and I am a loose knitter.  I am hoping to have the sweater done in the next few weeks and then I want to make her American Girl Doll a matching one.  I have plenty of yarn so I think a nice slouchy beanie for both of them is called for too.

Ok, so that is it for my crafting life.  If you have things to do, you can go now as I am now going to go on to my personal stuff.

This past month has not been kind to my household.  Health issues are abundant around here and this time it is my DH.  We have been married for almost 38 years and in that time I think I can count on one hand the times he has been really sick.

About a month ago he started having lower abdominal pain and cramping.  After 2 weeks of watching the poor man grabbing his side I decided it was time for the Doctor to come into the picture.  He was sent for a CT scan of his innards and they found a narrowing of his intestines.  We were referred to a specialist and the next week we were there finding out what to do.

(This might get a bit graphic for some of you so if you want to stop now do so.  If you have a weak stomach you might want to just skip to the end.  I am in the medical field so I have no problem explaining and using medical terminology for the rest of this post)

DH was scheduled for a Colonoscopy the following week.  The prep for that was HORRIBLE!  He had chills and started running a fever around 10 that night.  This bothered me as I know if he had a fever the next day the procedure would be cancelled.  Thank goodness the fever broke about 30 minutes after he was done with the torture of the prep.

Last Tuesday he went in for the procedure and I was kind enough to him to request anesthesia for him.  I didn't want him to remember any part of the procedure.  One of my Doctors I work for did the anesthesia so I was quite happy about that.

After all was over the Doctor came in and talked to us and said that he could not complete the procedure because the narrowing was so narrow he could not pass the scope through it.  So he wants us to go for another test and he is going to schedule it for that same day so we don't have to go through the prep again.  The second test basically boiled down to a lower GI exam under radiography.  I will say that it was not a pleasant experience for DH and he has sworn never to let them do that to him again unless he is under anesthesia.  They normally give a person some type of sedative to relax them but since he had been given Propofal (yes, that is the Michael Jackson drug) they could not give him anything else that day.

We got home after a loooooong 6 hours of testing and were just beginning to relax when the Doctor called.  Seems my DH has a 10cm (5 inches) of narrowed innards.  Surgery is to be scheduled for sure.  The doctor does not believe it is Cancer as the area that he was able to visualize with the scope was perfectly normal looking.  He thinks it is caused by Diverticulosis since my DH had just finished the antibiotics for the flare up he had a couple of weeks earlier.  (that is why we got sent to the specialist)  The Doc said that he should be able to do it all through a laprascope so that will make the recovery time much less for DH.

NOW we are relaxing when DH says "I think I might have a small fever".  I run and get the thermometer and take his temp.,  105!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!  Then DH in his wisdom says (I am already dialing the Dr by now) "is that high"?  I look at him (as I am waiting for the answering service to pick up the phone and say) "Oh, no, honey. But your brain is going to melt"  Finally get a call back from the Doctor (Actually it was only about 5 minutes) and was instructed to go to the emergency room.  (Kind of figured that out on my own)

Off we go to the ER and after 4 hours there he is admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics and fluid and to monitor his temp for the next 48 hours.  DH asked the Doctor if he could just do the surgery now since he was already in the hospital and all prepped.  LOL  That guy is always thinking.  Doctor tells him no!  If they did the surgery now with the infection ripping through his innard, he would be a really really really sick puppy and he won't take that chance.

Hubby is home now (came home on Independence Day) and has rested up and is feeling much better.  He is on a very restricted diet for the next few days to let his innard rest.  We see the Doctor again this coming Tuesday and hopefully will get his Surgery schedule ASAP.  This does look like we will be cancelling our trip to Texas to see our Grand kids.  We only get to see them once a year so that is kind of a bummer for us.  Hopefully we can go later on in the year to see them.

Ok, well that is all for now.  I am going to go and do some more mindless knitting.  My mom is coming over this afternoon and we will be grilling up some burgers for dinner with Mac n Cheese as a side (told you the diet is weird)

Happy Crafting


  1. Sorry to hear about your husband and your possibly cancelled trip, but at least your husband should feel better soon and hopefully, you will see the grandchildren later in the year.
    I love the colours of the Afghan and that lace is lovely. Take care of yourself:)

  2. Oh my I do hope your husband is able to get the surgery soon andthat you have to miss your trip to Texas. Lovethe colour of your afghan and with those temps I'd be putting it away also. Hope you fall in love with your sweater some as it really is a gorgoeus colour. Just love the honey sweater, I must go look that up for my girls. Take care.

  3. And I thought I had a busy/rough week! Oh my! I also had 4 kids and have no problem with medical stuff...I think there might be a connection there! LOL! I live in AR and I'm retired also and it is hot here but not as bad as you....yet!
    I should make my boys sports afghans...great idea! I love both your sweaters....I have yet to attempt a sweater...I have to get over my frogging every time I mess up. I would cry if I had a sweater going and had to do that. I still don't know how to backup and regroup very well yet.
    I hope hubby is feeling better! What a week you both had!
    What diet is that where you eat burgers and mac n' cheese? Sounds like one I could enjoy! TTYL!

  4. Hopefully surgery is scheduled soon, goes swimmingly and provides instant relief :)

    Don't envy you your temperatures. I'll take our chilly rain over that any day! Lovely WIPs - I think I'd have no knitting mojo until the humidity broke!

  5. Oh how scary for you and DH! I'm so sorry he had to go through all of this. I will keep him and you in my thoughts. Hug.
    Your raglan sweater looks awesome so far! I so admire garment knitters. And your granddaughter is lucky to have her loving grams work on a cute cardi for her.

  6. oh my..what a time you guys have had..poor hubby..I'm glad you got him some anesthesia for the ordeal.. Diverticulitis is awful, my MIL has it..and is always struggling with it..well, cuz she doesn't follow the diet! I hope things get back to normal and the surgery is scheduled soon.. It will be fun to follow along with you!

  7. Oh dear gussey! What a terrible week you had and then to have that awful weather on top of it all! How do people manage in those temps? I would never want to leave my house! I am sending good thoughts your way for your husband's healing and for his surgery to get scheduled. I sure love your sweaters and totally need to know the name of the one you are making your granddaughter. Is really called Honey? I know how sad you must be to have to cancel that trip--speaking as one Mimi to another---grands are just so special and fun and the perfect pay off for surviving our own parenting years! ;) I so hope you can reschedule soon.
    *smiles and BIG hug sent to you*

  8. Wow, that must have been really tough, I hope your DH is feeling a bit better now, and you have a hassle free surgery and quick recovery.

    And your granddaughter's cardi is so cute, I love the yarn with the pattern.

  9. Hope hubby is feeling better. Mac n Cheese goes with everything in my book...though in truth when I make a big casserole of it, it's the main dish for us we love it so much. The afghan looks awesome, but I agree hot weather and working on ghans is difficult. Sometimes I drape it over the arm of a chair and just have the part I'm working touching me...sometimes that's even too much.

  10. Thanks for the sweet email regarding the pattern. And into the queue it went!


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