Sunday, October 30, 2011

YoP update

Another Sunday has arrived.  Where is the time going?  It seems like I just posted my update a few hours ago.  Yet here I am again, posting later than I really wanted to.  But such is life.

I have been very busy this week.  I just went back to work after a wonderful weeks vacation.  So I was plenty busy at the office during the day.  When I came home in the evening I made sure that I had fiber in my hands each and every night except on Wednesday which is a church night for us.  After Church we normally have a nice evening with our friends and there is no fiber involved in that day at all.

So here is what I have been doing this week.

Another Wedding Ring Afghan.  I started this on last Sunday but am limited on when I can work on it since the recipients are at my house quite often.  I really would like to have this be a surprise for a change.

I started this on Monday evening and am really not working very hard on it.  It will be the scarf to match the hat that I finished last week.  But we are still very warm here and the mood to make cold weather items is just not shaking my tree yet.

Another pair of bed socks.  I started these yesterday.  They go so quickly and make me feel so good about my knitting.  Hopefully they will be finished by the coming weekend.  Once again I will do the Sweet Tomato Heel on these.  They are done with Panda Cotton.  It is a cotton/ bamboo blend and very soft and squishy.  I use the magic loop method for all my socks and love it.

Today was a great day for me.  Hubby and I taught RCIA (rite of christian initiation for adults) at church today.  We have been involved with that for the past 9 years. 

After we got home we had lunch and then my Mom and I went to JoAnns where I got a pattern and some flannel material to make night gowns for my grand daughter.  She prefers night gowns over pajamas and we just are not able to find the gowns this year.  They should be a quick sew too.  I have enough material to make 3 gowns.

After that I went to the grocery store to get the few items we will need this week for my lunches and also some fruit to snack on.  Normally hubby goes for me but I decided I wanted to go this time just to take a look around and see what specials they had going.  (the price of food is going up fast too)

Came home after all that to find the hubby cleaning our Traeger Grill and getting ready to throw some steaks on it for dinner.  YUM!!!!!!!

Dinner is over and I have completed my update for the week.  I am so enjoying this YoP.  I get to read other peoples blogs during all of this year.  It makes me so happy to realize there are so many out there working with fiber and loving it as much as I do.  I don't find that many fiber addicts here in the desert of Arizona.  Something about the temps getting over 110 kind of puts a damper on wanting to knit/crochet something warm.

Happy crafting!


  1. Another busy person who seems to have a few extra hours in the day! It's always interesting to get a little insight into other bloggers' lives - I quite like the idea of being somewhere warm and dry right now! It is cool grey and drizzly here, and I honestly should have starting doing gloves and suchlike in the summer to have any hope of being ready in time. Oh well!

  2. Hard to imagine being warm outside right now--our Fall is definitely arriving with gusto this year! So glad you were able to post an update--working outside the home sure eats up good knitting time, doesn't it? There are days I wake up and think to myself, maybe I have a headache and call in, then stay in bed and knit all day! But I never do! I will be starting my first pair of socks soon and it will be two at a time too---how does that work? My pattern is part of a KAL and the first clue is not up until Thursday. Your yarn choice sound comfy!


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