Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lots of progress!

First off I would like to repost my YoP list.  So here it is.

Spiderman Blanket (Christmas) Crochet (need the yarn)
wedding ring afghan (Christmas) Crochet (need the yarn)
Log cabin lapghan (when ever) Knitted  (have the yarn!)
Bedsocks (Christmas) Crochet or knitted, haven't decided (Have the yarn!)
Hexipuff (one a day for as long as it takes) Crochet
Scarf and Mittens for Jenn (Christmas) Knitted (in progress)
LaLas prayer shawl (when ever) Knitted ( in progress)
Cancer Ribbon Shawl (when ever) Crochet ( in progress)
Alpaca/Silk Prayer Shawl (hopefully by Christmas and if not oh well) Crochet (in Progress)

Hat and Scarf for Josie (in progress)

Hat and Scarf (November gift)  Knitted (finished July 2011)
Scarf for Jadin (by October 10th) Knitted  (finished October 2011)
Wedding Ring Afghan (finished in October 2011)

Another finished project (the afghan) and added a new project to the list (hat and scarf for Josie)

Here are some pictures for you to see where I am at right now.

This is the wedding ring afghan I have finished.  I wish you could see the edging better as it is a cream color with gold metal strands through it.  This will be sent to Texas in the near future.  I have yarn left over and am contemplating making  some pillows to go with it too.  Haven't decided if I want to do that or not yet.  We made pillows when I was down this a couple of months ago and I don't want them to think I don't like the pillows we made because I do.  So will think on that for a while.

This was a pretty quick crochet!  You use 2 strands of worsted weight yarn throughout the whole blanket.  I could have finished it in about a week if I had worked on it only after I got home from work.  But I had other things to finished.  Actually I had it half finished in a weekend so that lets you know how easy it is.  I didn't like the edging that was on the pattern so only did one row of it.  The next one I do I will make up my own edging.

Josie asked me to make her a hat and scarf (ugh).  She picked out some yarn from my stash but it was sock yarn.  As much as I love the child I will not make a scarf out of sock yarn if I want to maintain my sanity.  I am not a lover of scarf making as you all well know.  So I was at Hobby Lobby and they had this baby yarn in the clearance area.  This is what I chose for her and I am really liking the way it patterns itself.  I am in the decreasing part of the hat and will probably have it done by this evening.

Today I am going to be out and about with my mom.  We are going shopping and out to lunch.  So there won't be any knitting/crocheting until later this afternoon/evening.  But that should still give me time to finish the hat and cast on for the scarf.  Seeing that Josie is only 6 the scarf won't have to be all that wide.  I have not chosen a pattern yet but will contemplate that today while I am out and about.

Happy Crafting!


  1. I love love love the wedding afghan. And the scarf yarn is patterning very nicely.

  2. The wedding afghan is turning out fantastic. I really like it.

    As for the yarn - how funny that I just found some self-patterning yarn similar to that and am making a kid's scarf too HA! Of course, I have no idea who I'll be giving it to :)

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Gorgeous wedding afghan ... and isn't it funny when children have their heart set on the wrong yarn for the right project and you have to figure out how to make it all work?? Hope you and your mum had a lovely day together.

  4. The wedding afghan is very clever, well done on getting it done so quickly.

    My kids were supposedly allowed to choose their own yarn for hats recently, but thankfully the fell for all my subtle hints! I like your self patterned wool, that is clever how that works, I've never used anything like that before.

  5. Lovely afghan. I wouldn't make more pillows if I were you. Just put the extra yarn aside until the right project presents itself!

  6. Great, fun baby yarn. Makes it interesting while in progress. Great mum you are; have fun tomorrow w/yours.

  7. Wow Marsha - that Wedding afghan is absolutely gorgeous and I think matching pillows would look great. The pattern in the hat looks interesting - is that just one ball of yarn?

  8. I love your wedding ring afghan, and you are right - making a scarf with sock yarn will drive you bonkers!

  9. The wedding ring afghan looks superb. Self pattering yarn is fantasti, you can work plain stiches and have them come out decorative without any extra effort

  10. The hat is very cute and like everyone else I love the ghan - it's gorgeous!

    Oh and I must be bonkers - I made myself a long shawl with sock yarn (modified Bone Yard shawl which is mostly stocking stitch) - I love it so much I'm planning another one :D


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