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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Here are a couple of pictures of the prayer shawls I am working on for one of my ravelry groups.

On the left is the Lala's Simple Shawl done in Fantasy yarn on a size 9 needles.  It is a lovely yarn and so soft.  Unfortunately I am at a stand still for the moment until my 40" needles arrive.  Right now I am working on 12" circulars and kind of feeling the cramp.

On the left is Eva's Shawl pattern done in 100% alpaca.  This is crocheted on a G hook.  I wish you could see the fuzziness of the yarn in this picture but alas my photo skills are limited to my little Canon powershot camera.  But let me tell you that this yarn is also very yummy and is going to be absolutely beautiful when it is finished.

I have another shawl in the works but have not taken any pictures of it yet as I am not sure I am 'in love' with it.  It is a multnomah shawl and I like the pattern but not sure I picked the right yarn for it.  I will work on it some more before I decide.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and please pray for all those who protect and serve our country. (Thank you my son for your service! USN)

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