Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I am in fiber heaven!

Last week I went to my LYS (local yarn shop) and purchased some very lovely yarn to make some prayer shawls. I am in 3 KAL/CAL (knit along/crochet along) on Ravelry. So what do I do? Start 2 of them at once! Someone suggested that, having more than one project on the needles/hooks at a time is wonderful, and that way if you get tired of working on one you can put it in it's project bag and pick up another and work on it. SO I am going to try it.

Now mind you, I still have my socks on the needles and need to finish those and get the other pair made before we leave in July for Tx! Surely I will have no problem here right?

One of the KAL is for the month of June (so I am already ahead there) and the other KAL/CAL is from May thru September so I don't think I will have a problem getting that done. All of the shawls are worked on large needles and have a lot of laceyness (is that a worf) to them so they go pretty quick.

Now here is why I am in fiber of the shawls I am going to do (the crochet one) I bought baby alpaca yarn to use. It is so soft, furry and yummy looking. Can't wait to do that one but I have done that shawl before and it goes really quick so I don't need to start that one until the other two are well under way. I just hope I don't end up with furries up my nose all the time while using it. (ewwwww)

As for the socks..................the foot portion is done as well as the heel and now I am working on the leg portion. But since these are not to be knee socks like the boot socks were they will be done much quicker! So tonight I will work on the socks until my fingers get cramped from holding the tiny needles and then I will switch over to one of the prayer shawls.

Pictures will be following shortly. (well not today)

Have a grea week! (I am)

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  1. Funny you talk about furries up the nose. That is the reason I can't use some beautiful wool yarns because I get headaches when I do.


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