Monday, December 14, 2009

What a wonderful time of year

The last week was so wonderful. We got our grandaughter on Wednesday and had her until Saturday night. Her parents went to Florida for her daddy's Christmas Party. Hum, my parties are always right where I live! Anyway, She was a joy to have for those days but now I realize why I had children when I was YOUNG! Although I don't condsider 56 ancient it really seemed old while chasing and playing with a 4 year old.

She had a dance recital on Friday night and it was soooooo cute! Of course the entire recital lasted 2 hours and her group was the next to last dance! Poor dear was backstage for almost 3 hours. She was so tired when I went to get her that all she wanted to do was eat and go to sleep.

After she left on Saturday my hubby and I looked at our house and realized that we had done absolutely nothing to it for over a week!!!! EEEK, it was a total mess. I told him I had been trying to deep clean one room each week but seems like I had kind of slidden off that wagon. So on Sunday we finished our Christmas shopping and then we attacked the house. I actually found my kitchen and dining room! Then I went into our office/pool room. Now let me set the stage for this......

Our computer died about 3 months ago. We already had a new tower so we installed it. As I have said in my past posts the new computer kept dumping everything. So we had to take it back to where we got it. Well of course it would not do anything for them. Finally one of the guys that works with my hubby took a look at it and rearranged and pushed in all sorts of cards ands stuff ( I really don't understand all of the techno jargon I just push a button and hope things turn on). Well it works wonderfully now. SO we got it all set back up. Needless to say in the process we had to move all sorts of furniture to get it done and now it was time to put it all back in place. We got that done and then I looked at the computer area and realized that it had not been gone through in some time! So I attacked it. I was amazed at the stuff I found! I shredded 2 bags full of old bills. I filled one of those hugh 33 gallon bags with old computer discs that we have not used in YEARS! It was such a refreshing feeling when I was done.

Also this past week the battery on my car died! Luckily we had my son's truck but only until Saturday (when they came home) SO my lovely husband got my new battery all done on Saturday and I am so happy. I Love my little car and love to drive it. I don't care much for hubby's car and even less for my son's truck! But they got me to and from work for a week.

SO tonight we have a Christmas Party at our Priests' home, tomorrow I finish wrapping gifts, getting stuff in the mail that needs to go out and go and visit my mom and give her, her Christmas and Birthday presents. (her birthday is Christmas Day). Wednesday I start on the laundry and getting our clothes together for our trip to TX. Thurday I will finish up the laundry and start the packing. FRiday I will get off work early and go pick up my Grandaughter from school and have some last minute fun with her. Saturday we are off to TX to spend Christmas with our youngest Son and his family.

Hopefully I will get some crafting time while I am gone but if not it will still be there when I get home. At least I can knit while on the plane!

I hope all of you have a blessed Christmas and very wonderful New Year.

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