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Monday, January 11, 2010

Guess What

Guess What? You will never guess it so I will tell you. Our main computer is still on the fritz! We have had it in the shop several times and it never acts up for them. Well, this weekend it kept rebooting on my DH and he said he was just going to keep letting it go until it BROKE!. Yesterday morning we tried to turn it on and it officially will not turn on anymore! So now I think it really is broken and now maybe the shop can fix it for real.

This is frustrating to me as I have so many pictures I want to post on here and can't because of this little techno problem. So let me tell you what I have been up to.

I completed a hat for my DH


This it the website you can go and see it. I am really impressed with the one I made as the yarn was kind of a self striping and when I got it done it looked like one of thos real fancy intarsia hats! So after I completed that I decided to make a whole set of the hat, scarf, and mittens for a loved one. I can not name the person as I know they read my blog and I want it to be a surprise for that person. Here is the web site where you can see a pair of the really neat mittens that I made.


They allow your four fingers to come out so you can still be dexterous or they can stay inside of the mitten and stay warm. I finished the hat and one mitten. I have the thumb on the second mitten to do as well as the scarf and then I can gift them out.

In all the time that I have been posting on this blog I really have not ever run across anything that was hard for this left to overcome. Well.............I think I have finally found it. You see, I knit right handed. (this comes from learning to crochet first and being more comfortable with the yarn in my right hand than in my left hand) Now this may not seem like a problem to you. Well, it didn't for me either until I finished the first mitten and had to close it with the Kitchener stitch. Now you may be asking yourself "sooooooo?" Imagine that. You just found the magic word............SEW!!!! You have to use a needle and yarn to do this stitch and if you have knitted right handed you have to complete the sewing shut of the blasted thing right handed. I am sure my family had a good chuckle watching me try and sew with my right hand! Thank goodness I have a tongue as it was sticking out and twisting all the time I was doing it. I managed and I think it looks pretty good too.

Other than that I am really not doing much else. I need to get busy beading as I have promised someone more jewelry for an auction at our church next month. I have not even started designing it yet. Guess that will be the next thing on my list once the winter set it finished.

Just thought I would keep in touch so you would know what I am up to and that I still don't have a blinkin' computer to post pictures on. ARGH!!!!!!!!!

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