Friday, December 4, 2009

It is coming.................again

Gosh, I guess I should check out my blog more often. I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post. But then it seems I always say that. Anyway, I have been on facebook so much that I sometimes forget about my blog and all of you that rely on it to see what is going on with my life.

First and foremost...........our home computer is sick. Really sick. In the shop sick and it is brand new. Seems the memory in it was corrupt when we got it. So now it is in the computer hosiptal getting all better. I can not wait until it is back. I have a new Adobe program to install on it so I can start to download pictures again. (the sad thing is, the pictures on my old computer are locked up and I can not get them out of ther!) Then I can start putting pictures back on here again of all my crafty things that I have done.

In the yarn front...........still working on my mom's socks but did finish my DD socks. Have 2 prayer shawls in process. One is knitted and one is crocheted. I made a couple of hats for my Grandaughter for the chilly days we have ahead of us. I want to make a couple of scarves to match her hats too. I think that is all the projects I have going on in the yarn area.

Beading area.......I have made so many necklaces, earrings and bracelets! I can hardly keep track of all of them. I have used copper, brass, gold and silver and love all of them. I think my favorite is copper but it is hard to find and not too many people appreciate the color of it as it is hard to coordinate with clothing. My next favorite is the antique brass but that too is hard to find but much easier to match to clothing. I made three sets to sell at an auction last month and they did really well and pulled in a lot more $$ than what it cost me to make them. The proceeds went to a great cause. Our St Peregrine's Shrine. I have done a bit of beading for Christmas this year but can not tell you what it is as most of the people they are for read this.

So what else has been happening to us? Well, we went to Las Vegas in October for our 34th wedding anniversary and the 1st anniversary of my Father in Law's passing. We have been keeping busy with work and family. My mother ended up in the hospital with a blood clot in her leg. She was there for several days but is home now and on medications for the next few monther to make sure this doesn't happen again. We had Thanksgiving at our Son's house and had a wonderful time. I decorated my mom's house for Christmas and am still working on mine trying to get it ready for the Christmas season too. We are getting ready to go to Texas for Christmas. Our son in the navy is moving there the 18th of this month and they bought a house. So we are going to help them paint some of the rooms and do a bit of remodeling. This will be the first Christmas we had spent with them in 9 years! So we are looking forward to that.

My husband has turned in his resignation from his job at the Church. He is ready to stay home and get some honey do's done and truly enjoy retirement. This will be his third retirement and hopefully his last one! It will be nice as he will be able to pick up our grandaughter from school each day too and it will give them a little together time that they seem to cherish.

I hope that this year has been good for all of you. And I pray that all of you will have a wonderful 2010!

Merry Christmas and remember that Jesus is the reason for the season!

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