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Thursday, December 27, 2007

After Christmas

Howdy everyone. It is a couple of days after Christmas and I am still in the Spirit of the season. Although this will be a short post as I am doing it at the office. My computer at home has a busted processor and we had to order one and it will be 2 weeks before we get it. I really miss my computer too!

I did manage to get all the items done before Christmas that I wanted completed. All the hats and scarves were finished and sent to Chicago with time to spare. I finished my sweater for ME, all the chapel veils have been sewn and handed out to those that I had promised them to. So now I am in between projects and I am looking over my yarn stash deciding what I want to tackle next. I have so many things I want to make but I want to make sure I do something that is "warm" on my lap because in about 4 months I will not do anything that has to lay on my lap.

If any of you have a suggestion as to what to make next let me know. I am thinking of working on the afghan that is on my loom that I started 2 years ago. I still love the colors but it seems to take a lot of time to get anywhere on it. So What do you like to make during the winter months? Let me know and maybe I will take up one of the suggestions and run with it.

I hope all of you had a wonderful and blessed Christmas and hopefully my computer will be fixed the first of next year so I can put up some pictures and a really good posting!

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