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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


This is just a mini update for you all.

My Father in Law went to his Dr yesterday to get some of his results. The lung biopsy showed the irregular shaped tumor on his lung was not malignant. He does however have a "regular" shaped one in the other lobe of the same lung that was not biopsied yet. He is still scheduled for a PET scan the 21st of this month and they still want him to keep that appointment. He is also scheduled for the removal of the squamous cell on the side of his face the 19th of this month. The squamous cell is quite large so we are thinking they are going to have to do a Mohs procedure on it to get it all.

We are giving thanks though for the "good" report on the biopsy and we continue to pray that all the other reports will return in like manner.

One thing about this type of stress................It makes me bury my hands in yarn. I have completed my Daughter in Law's hat and scarf and hats for my two grandsons. I should complete the scarves today and off in the mail they will go on Wednesday. Then I can complete the sweater that I started for ME back in August. YEAH. Gosh after that the possiblities are endless as to what I will do next.

I must tell you about our weather though. I know this will sound trite to those of you living in the north or the east but here goes anyways. Life here in the desert is interesting. Our average rainfall per year is 7 inches. We have fallen short of that for the past 5 years so we are in a terrible drought. Our summer temperatures stayed above 100 degrees for over 100 days this year. For the past two weekend we have had rain and lots of it. I think where I live I have measureds 4 inches in the past two weekends. I know this does not sound like a big deal but it is to us. You have to understand that our ground is "baked" in the summer so any rain we get runs off pretty much. So when we get this much rain in that short of a time we get some wonderful flooding and streets that wash away. Also our temperatures have really dropped quickly here. I hate to say this because some of you will think we are wimpy but our highs are only in the 50's this week. But compared to 115 degrees that is quite a drop. Our blood thins out here so anything belowe 70 is pretty cold to us. I know when we lived in PA, KS, TX I thought that 50 sounded wonderful when we were having windchills of minus 20 degrees in those places. Then when I moved here I understood why 50 is bone chilling.

Here is the funny part. We are a BIG area for retired people to spend their winters in. We can tell the winter visitors apart from the "regulars" easily. The WV are the ones running around in bermuda shorts and sandals when it is 50 outside while the rest of us are in wool coats, gloves, hats and scarves. But you really would have to see the WV's to appreciate it. The men wear the bermuda shorts, long dark dress socks and birkenstock sandals with some crazy saying on their tee shirts. The ladies wear their "walking shorts" with tennis shoes and usually a nice shirt. All of their legs are stark white since they come from places that usually the summers are short and the UV index is around 3 all year round. Maybe someday I will get a picture of this "happening" that we see all winter an post it on here. Then you could chuckle along with all of us "zonies".

I will keep you updated on my father in law as we learn more. Please continue to pray for his health. And have yourself a wonderful day crafting and enjoying the life God has given you!

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