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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Stuff to show you

I told all of you that we had been to South Carolina last month. This is a picture of one of the plantations we visited. This is Magnolia Plantation and the grounds and house were absolutely gorgeous. I think I could have spent an entire day there, but we only got a couple of hours since we had seminars to attend. My DH and I have decided that this is a place we will come back to for vacation sometime. The people were so friendly and it was one of the cleanest towns we had ever been to.

This is the cover for my Mom's recliner I have been working on. I also made arm covers to match but did not get a picture of them. She was thrilled with them and got a good laugh from the message also. When I was growing up my Grandmother had a recliner. ( I think she got one of the first ones ever made. LOL) When any of us 26 grankids saw her coming we would yell "here comes Grandma, get out of her throne". So my mom remembered well this event and she laughed when she saw that she now had a "throne" too.

Here is a prayer shawl I just completed and gave to a dear friend of mine. She had a baby on June 1st (my birthday) and he is a sweety. Unfortunately we have since found out he has Down's Syndrome. Well, if any of you know me that does not make any difference to me as this is still a child of God. The hard part is, he is in the hospital right now with severe breathing problems. So I thought his Mama could use a little something for comfort right now and presented this to her today. I had started this when I first found out she was pregnant but never finished it. When I heard baby Noah was in the hospital I finished it up in one evening. Please keep Noah and his family in your prayers.

Finally I leave you with one reason you do not let a 23 month old child dress themselves! This is our Grand daughter who will be 2 on August 1st. My DH watches during the day while her parents are at work. He has a blast with her and she loves to "dress up". So this is what she came out of her room wearing the other day. She is a delight to be around but boy can she wear us "old" people out by the end of a day.

So you are all caught up to date on my life now. As for crafting......I have ordered a book to learn how to make 2 socks at one time on one or two circular needles. I am going to learn this method when we drive to Las Vegas this month. I figure that gives me about 6 hours each way and I should learn something in that lenght of time.

Oh yes.............I forgot to tell you.............I had to take a test when I was in South Carolina for my medical coding certification. Well, I passed it with flying colors! Yea me!

That is it for now. Have a great weekend.

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