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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lost Wages/Las Vegas

We just returned last night from a nice 4 day three night stay in Las Vegas. My DH and I went and took my Mom along with us. We had an absolutely wonderful time. Mom and I played a lot of penny slots and my DH did some black jack at the tables.

We saw my in laws while there and really enjoyed a good visit with them. Our son, Daugher in law and Grand Daughter were there the same time too so we got to really have a good time with everyone.

We saw the Fremont experience light show Sunday night and actually drove all the way down the Strip to show my Mom how much it had changed in over 20 years. She loved all of it. We are truly blessed that at 79.5 yrs she is still in good enough health that she can travel with us and her mind is as sharp as can be. (Especally at those slots!)

I finally got my Crazy Toes & Heels book and spent the entire 4.5 hour drive up there reading and comprehending this fantastic way to knit socks. I spent the 5.5 hours on the way home knitting two pair of toe up socks using the magic loop method. I almost got the toe done.

Now I know you are all wondering why it took us an hour longer to get home than to get there. (NO! My DH did not have his foot thru the floor!) We hit some wicked rain about 1.5 hours away from home and it really slowed us down as the roads here in Arizona get really slick when it rains. You see, we have to keep our roads oiled because of our extreme tempuratures in the summer so when it rains it is like driving on ice. Then there was that rush hour traffice we hit when we got to town!

Anyway...........I am so excited about the sock. After working on them for that length of time I can now understand why everyone is raving about knitting socks. I can see where this will become an addiction for me. I have enough sock yarn to do about 9 pairs of socks so I am really going to be having some fun.

But alas, I still have to finish the crocheted chair cover for my mom so will put the socks away for a few days until that is finished and then I can work on the socks without too much guilt.

Oh!!!!!!!!!!! I did manage to come home with more money than I went up with too! YEA ME!!!!!!

We will be leaving again in a couple of weeks for a nice vacation to Chicago to visit our son, his wife and the 4 grand sons. My mom is going with us there too and she has never met the youngest one and he just turned 4 last week. So she is really excited about and so are the grands.

I hope you all are having a wonderful day and enjoying your crafting!

OOPS!!!!!!!! Forgot to tell you that my Mom was knitting in the car with me! She is making a blanket and she has not knitted for YEARS!!!!! So it was kind of fun to be doing that together.

Ok, I am going now...........you all be good!

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