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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

long week(s)

I think the last 2 weeks have been the longest weeks of my life.

My friends husband had to go in for heart surgery last week. He had a defibulator put in as his heart was not pumping and beating the way it should and it was very scary as his type of heart condition could have ended his life at any moment. Well, he came thru the surgery fine and is feeling much better. We are all relieved that things went well for him and his family.

My DIL informed us the first of July that she was pregnant. We were all so happy as they have really wanted another child for over a year now. Then 2 weeks ago she had an ultrasound and they told her they could not find the baby. Well, she was a bit early on in pregnancy so we waited for another week and then had another ultrasound. She had an ectopic pregnancy and had to have surgery last Friday to remove the baby from the tube. She was so upset and we are all feeling for her right now. She was going to announce her pregnancy this Saturday at her Daughter's birthday party. (she turns 2 today!)

So my DH and I have been spending a lot time at my DS and DIL house trying to help them out with housework, dinners, laundry, etc.

Another good friend of our with the Downs Syndrome baby has him back in the hospital with pneumonia and other problems. He just turned 2 months today. Please say a prayer for Noah and his family. He is such a loving child and for all these medical problems to be coming on him........it just breaks my heart!

Needless to say I have not been doing much crafting the past 2 weeks. I think the only thing I have been doing is working a bit here and there on my Crazy Toes & Heels magic loop socks. Oh! I also made a small bag to carry my knitting around town in. I fashioned it after the "GoKnit Pouch" I saw on another website.

We leave Tuesday for Chicago to visit our DH and family. He is a training instructor at Great Lakes Naval Station. We have not seen them for over a year and really miss those 4 grandsons.

So my blog will be very quiet for the next couple of weeks. After I get back I should have lots of pictures to share with you.

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