Sunday, June 5, 2016

YoP 49

I am actually writing this on Saturday afternoon.  I have much more time to get to the desk top on that day then I do on Sunday.  Trust me, there is not going to be much of a change in the next 12 hours.

Actually, there isn't much change from last weeks post.  I am still working on socks and the C2C baby blanket.  I worked on at least one of them each day.  Here is the issue......I am kind of in a crafting funk.  I don't know why, I just don't feel much like crafting for long periods of time.  You don't think it has anything to do with our weather, do you.  The high today is to be close to 117 F and this whole week has been over 100 F.  Let's face it.....that is just blasted hot.  Our only saving factor is.......our humidity is only at 4%, so far.  Next month will see the temps drop back to the low 100's but the humidity will start to climb as we prepare for our monsoon season.

In most areas of the world, monsoons mean lots of in the deserts of Arizona it usually means a huge dust storm followed by a brief light rain to mess everything up. I will say it is my favorite 'season' here.  I am not fond of the heat and humidity, but the storms are glorious to watch.  Lots of lightening, thunder, dust and gorgeous sunsets because of all that dust.  My dogs do not agree with me though.  They hunker down and burrow under my arms and shiver like little chihuahuas.  Oh ya, they are half chihuahua.

So anyway........with all this heat, the last thing I have wanted to do is, play with yarn.  Normally socks would be appealing to me, but not right now.  I might have to cast on a dishcloth and do a quick knit to get inspired again.  But even that doesn't hold any appeal to me.  WOW, I am really a humbug right now.  I have even been perusing Ravelry for interesting patterns for fiber I have lingering in my stash......nothing jumps out at me.

I am still journaling daily and making daily to do lists in that journal.  I do include knit/crochet daily as well as reading.  I feel, if I did not write it, it wouldn't happen.

Could it be because I had a birthday this week and I am older by a year?  I mean, the only other time my birthday bothered me was when I turned 40.  I am well past that and thought I had gotten over the age thing.

Could it be because I looked in the mirror and saw an 'old' lady staring back at me?  Or is it because since stopping smoking I have gained about 10 pounds and need to get it off along with another 35?  Maybe it is because I feel I really don't have any real down time anymore. Seems I am going and doing from the time I get up until well after dinner.  I know I had more 'me' time when I worked.  What happened?

Oh well, surely this mood will pass and I will get back to being the me I know and love.  So I will sit down and read other people's blogs and watch their productive lives.  Maybe that will inspire me to grab my needles and hooks and get to making.

I am off to get ready for Mass and then probably will have a nice evening out with family and friends.  So until next time......

Happy Crafting  (I hope)


Ruth said...

I'm not sure I'd like that muggy heat all the time either but then here in Ireland we don't get endless bouts of it. We are currently having a spell of great warm sunny weather for us it's hitting around 25-29C daily and it's enough for me. We normally just hit around the 20 mark in summer and then we cool down to maybe around 6C in the winter,rarely anything too far below zero so for us we just seem to do one constant temp.I hope with you find your crafting mojo again, it's probably hiding out in the cooler weather.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Gah, you wouldn't catch me with yarn in my hands at 117°!! The sweat from my fingers would make the yarn sticky on the needles and it'd be very unpleasant!!!

I got into a jag for a while where I had no time for myself but then I decided to make time for myself and well, if the other stuff didn't get done, then it didn't get done. I've been trying to go for a long walk or jog every day, weather permitting. It really does improve my mood and outlook!

We had some great storms here today too! The clouds have been amazing!!

Becki said...

We have hot, muggy summers here in the Midwest, but I can't even imagine temps that high. And over 100 degrees for a whole week?!? That said, I can't imagine only 4% humidity, either. That sounds incredible to me. I love reading your posts, Marsha. Even if you're not in a crafting mood, you have a way of filling me with wonder and admiration. I can imagine the storms you write about and want to see them. And you make me want to start keeping a journal. A crafting journal, I think. Be encouraged, dear. The crafting bug will bite once again and before you know it, you'll be amazing us with your crafty genius once again. You've inspired me many times.

Lucy Bowen said...

I don't do heat I'm afraid, but I do like the sound of those storms. Your motivation will return and you will find that 'me' time. Hope you had a great night out.

Lucy Bowen said...

I don't do heat I'm afraid, but I do like the sound of those storms. Your motivation will return and you will find that 'me' time. Hope you had a great night out.

Sam I Am...... said...

I think I can understand as we are home 24/7 now and there are endless things to do as you are there to see it all the time! I live alone but you would think I still had kids, career and husband as I am busier than ever. One thing I agree with are your lists. I write it all down and then pick the top 3....if anything else gets done it's a miracle. I also quit smoking several years ago and that's when I took up knitting. I work on my list and then sit and knit a few rows and then back at it until my next break which is when my legs start getting tired. I've realized it's all about the balance in all areas of my life. When those areas get out of balance then so do I.
It gets hot here and I close up the house, close the curtains and turn on the AC and its just like winter for handwork. Maybe even light a candle to make it feel cozy for knitting. You'll get your mojo back. I think we all go through it at sometime or another. Maybe you need a break before the next YOP 2016-17 season starts. I love the planning of all those new projects. Take care and stay cool! Your storms sound like fun!