Sunday, July 5, 2015

YoP Year 5 and going strong again.

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I missed blogging my wrap up last week.  I don't know where the time goes.  This retirement thing is so busy.  It doesn't help, either, that hubby and I are getting ready to take another road trip this week.  We are heading to Texas to visit our Grandsons.  We haven't seen them for 2 years!  Last year, my mom was so sick and we thought we were going to loose we stayed home just in case.  Needless to say, she is doing quite well now.  The wonders of modern medicine is fantastic.

But I will give a quick wrap up of last years list.

Sweater for me
This didn't get completed and infact, I am going to frog what I have done so far, as I have found a pattern I love much better than what I was trying to do.

WIP's to complete
Log Cabin Blanket
Once again, the poor Log Cabin is still lingering in the WIP pile.  I really like working on it but...I just seem to get sidetracked with all the other really fun things to make

Things to increase my skills
This was a total fail for me

Personal Goal
Use only the yarn from my stash for all the above projects.
I did not purchase any yarn for over a year.  This was one of the hardest things for me to do this year.  BUT......I did not use anything other than stash yarn for all projects last year.
Take photos of ALL items when done.
I only missed taking a photo of one item this year.  Not too bad

Lapghan for my mom
2-3 Doll Clothes
1 fingerless mitt
Be Loving
8 Slippers
12 dishcloths 
1 test knits/crochet

Now, to think about this years list.  I have been racking my brain as to what I want to put on the list this year.  I already have a few things on my needles that I want to do (actually, I have to do them for presents)  I guess I can start with that.

2015-2016 YoP list

Once again I can not tell you how many I will do.  But these are my favorite items to do during the hot summer months here in the desert.  I do know that I need to have 2 pair completed before Christmas as they are gifts.  I already have 1/2 of one pair done and have started on the other pair this week, just to get them on the needles for the road trip.

Diving In  (this is already cast on, also for the road trip)

After I frog the sweater I started, this is what it is going to turn into.  It even asks for the fiber that I already have in my stash.  But I will be making this longer, as at my age, no one wants to see my tummy.

Sewing items
Another gift for Christmas this year

I have had a request for at least 2 of these for Christmas.  Now that I am not on yarn restriction, I can purchase the fiber for this and get going on them.

Wood Work
Staining and decorating treasure box for Wedding in October

This is a pretty short list this year and I will tell you why...............every year I make a HUGE list and then about January, I realize, there is no way I am going to complete everything.  I would actually like to complete a list just one year.  I have also included non-fiber items, as I am not just a knitter/crocheter.  I enjoy all crafts and look forward to learning new ones all the time.  Although my first love is fiber arts and that is what you will see me traveling with everywhere I go.  (kind of hard to travel with a sewing machine LOL)

Also, I am joining the prayer shawl group at my church this year.  So there will be many more shawls made there to be given to those that need them.  Of course, when I complete those items, I will add them to my YoP list.

Here are some of the photos of the things completed in YoP4.  I sure wish I knew how to make a slide show instead of having to put the photos on individually.  If any of you use BlogSpot and know how to do that, please feel free to email the instructions at menoce at cox dot net.  I would greatly appreciate it.

Until next week.....................Happy Crafting!


  1. Such a nice photo display! Great job!

    I imagine you will be equally productive in the coming year!

  2. You did really well with last years list but I can understand wanting to see a tick off beside every item on a list, there is a satisfaction thing there in just doing that. I like this years list and it looks like it's shaping up to be a good year. Enjoy your road trip and I look forward to seeing all the progress you make on your projects while on your road trip. Ruth.

  3. Great wrapup...and new list....I'll never finish everything join my list, but I like seeing it all laid out...I like having the options....

  4. You have finished some lovely projects, well done. Hope you have a fabulous time with your grandsons and I look forward to following your progress this year.

  5. I really like the lacey boot toppers. I agree that setting goals you can achieve is a good idea. I'm amazed you went a whole year without buying yarn. I'm hoping to knit all my projects out of yarn I already have this YOP year.

  6. Lots of nice finished projects you have pictured there! I look forward to following along as you work on another year of projects. Enjoy your trip to see the grandsons!

  7. I do admire knitters who knit in the heat. Enjoy your trip!

  8. Lovely photos! That's one thing that I need to get better at doing. I love the quality of the lighting in your photos. :)

  9. You had a very productive year! I think I am going to try finishing my WIPs this year. Enjoy your road trip and your new projects.

  10. What a great list of FOs. You've achieved so much and it's nice to see it all together in one post.

    I still haven't even done my wrap up post, never mind my new list for this year...


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