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Sunday, August 12, 2012

YoP Sunday

Here we are again on a lovely Sunday morning.  I love this time of day.  Hubby is still sleeping, dogs are all fed and sleeping and I have some quiet time to myself to get my blog up to day and plan my day out.

I made progress this week and have some pictures to prove it.  So let's get started.

I am now ready to do the last step in the Color Affection Shawl.  I am excited to finish it (hopefully this week) and get it off the needles so I can concentrate on something else for a while.  This is not the worlds greatest photo because it is all scrunched up on a 60" circular.  Once it is done I will have someone hold it up and out so you can get a true idea of the fun of it.

Another dishcloth finished.  Once again done in Granny's Favorite Dishcloth pattern.  It is simple and mindless to do.  Although I do believe my favorite pattern is still the double hump and will go back to that on the next ones that I do.

Walking through Walmart I found an entire rack of this fiber for under $5!  I grabbed one so I could practice making the ruffled scarves with it.  I have a much more expensive skein that will be done once I get the hang of this.  I am thinking of taking this one out and trying to crochet instead of knitting it.  I am not real fond of the way this is turning out at this point.

I did manage to get a picture of the American Girl doll dressed in her red outfit.  I am suppose to tell you that this is McKenna and she is the doll of the year for 2012.  My Grand Daughter is so excited to have this one.  She received it from her Auntie/Godmother for her birthday.  Anyway I do know that the hat is a bit too small and the dress is a bit too big but she will not let me frog any of it to make it fit better.
I don't know how many of you have ever seen a dust storm also known to us as a haboob.  We get them quite often here in the desert and it is kind of neat to watch.  This was taken around 4 in the afternoon.  The sky gets dark, the wind starts blowing and then the dust comes in and covers EVERYTHING.  It can last anywhere from 2-3 minutes to almost half an hour.  This one lasted for about half an hour and then the rain came afterwards to make sure there was mud on everything.  The wind reached about 60 miles an hour with this one and the temperature dropped about 15 degrees once the rain hit.

Speaking of temperatures............................See this little wonderful number?  The time on the clock was 4:52 in the afternoon.  I took this picture and as soon as I snapped it the temperature went up to 121F.  So when I hear all of my blogging friends complaining about the heat I just shake my head.  To top this off, I had been sitting outside on the cement for an hour watching my grand daughter take her first swim meet lesson.  I finished my bottle of water in about 20 minutes and my clothes were plastered to my body from sweat (yes I SWEAT!) and my hair was totally drenched also.  So the next time you think it is hot, think about those of us that live in the desert and deal with this kind of heat yearly.  Not even our swimming pool can cool us off as the temp of the water is 97F!  Whenever I think about complaining about the summer temperatures I stop my self and thank God that I have a home with A/C and a comfortable bed to sleep in and then thank him for our men and women in the armed forces that are in much hotter and less comfortable conditions overseas.

Until next week......................................

Happy Crafting!


  1. Your colour affection shawl is looking really good.

    Your dishcloth is stunning I love the way the colours pooled.

    I have to admit that the twirl yarn doesn't lend itself to crochet but I am keen to see your progress with it

  2. Your Colour Affection is looking great and I hope you get if finished and off the needles this week. I love the Grandmothers favourite cloth for some mindless knitting. I just adore the doll and clothes and I wouldn't have let you frog them either lol, they are perfect. Cool photo as I've never seen one and we certainly don't have those temps, no where near them and I do know how lucky I am not to.

  3. Wow, how right you are to be glad for what you have....I can't imagine what it must be like to live your everyday lives in those sorts of temps, we have friends in Kuwait who get terrible dust storms , but I've never had to experience one thankfully!

    Your CA looks great, I love the yarns you've put together. I like the yarn in the cloth too...nice colours!

    Hope you have a great week!

  4. I was VERY close to getting caught in that dust storm yesterday as we were driving back from Joann. . .

    Are you in any of the AZ knitting groups (in person, or on Rav)? I'm trying to find one to join but I'm just a little too far north of Phoenix, proper, to make most of the meetings. . .

    I have noticed my Walmart carrying a bunch of nice new yarns (including the one that you got, in addition to Lion Brand's Amazing, which I've been itching to get my hands on!). . . It was about half the price as shown on LB's website, too! I hope this trend continues!

    Stay cool! :)

  5. Your color affection is looking great! I'll be watching to see how you make out with the ruffle scarf. I've got a skein in my closet to try out.

  6. I've crocheted with the ruffle yarn and found it really easy to do but for whatever reason, I just wasn't crazy about the yarn enough to do it again. I'm guessing with those temps out where you are, you're sticking with small light projects! We were triple digits here in the mid-Atlantic for the first month and a half of summer but it seems to have leveled off to steady 80's which is NOTHING compared to yours! Stay cool!

  7. I'm quite frightened to work with that yarn...and your right...I am a pansy to complain about the heat compared to some..but I am a chronic complainer..when the winter comes I'll be wishing for summer!

    I saw that dust storm on the national news...scary!

  8. Seeing your weather makes me happy to live in Maine. We only have "summer" for about 5 weeks here on average. The rest is winter, mud season, spring, mostly spring, summer, mostly fall, fall, and then winter again. Keep your knitting light and your water cool!

  9. The American Girl outfit is very cute, and it sounds like it was very much appreciated. And your shawl is looking great. I can't imagine what 119F feels like, we don't get anything like that here.

  10. I think your post pretty much sums up why I don't live in Arizona :). Those temperatures are just way too much for me.

    I love the Color Affection, and I think if I was your granddaughter, I wouldn't let you frog my awesome doll clothes, either.

  11. I'm one of the heat complainers and I even know how hot it gets in Arizona and Texas having been there on a number of occasions during heat waves.
    Love the ruffle yarn - haven't used any of it but do love the color you chose.
    It's good to know that McKenna is the doll of the year = she looks fantastic in the outfit you made her.

  12. What a beautiful shawl, and gorgeous doll outfit! I'm thankful not to see temps that high, or to encounter dust storms.

  13. fabulous job on CA, I may not be in the desert but I can definitely relate, over the Fourth of July, we recorded 120 heat index...110 temps....and our central air was out for 4 days....I was practically sleeping in the tub...lol


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