Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It is getting there

Ok, I have gotten rid of the Homespun yarn.  I took it to a friend of mine's house and she was thrilled.  I still have to get rid of the Red Heart yarn.  I have tried to call the church where I want to donate it but have not been able to get thru so far.  I don't have any updated pictures of the yarn stash but here is what it looked like before the cleansing took place.

  In the top picture the 2 top right cubbies are empty and the middle right cubby also is empty.

In the middle picture, all of the top cubbies are empty and the 2 left middle ones are empty too.  If I can donate the red heart than all of the rest of the cubbies will be cleaned out!

The bottom picture is not very good.  I mean you can see it fine but since that was taken I have added LOTS of sock, and DK yarn to it.  All of the cubbies are overflowing now and I need to clean it up and put some of it in the empty places in the other shelving units.  I have even had to remove my beading supplies from the bottom cubbies and put it elsewhere because the yarn monster came and attacked me.

As I was going thru the stash the other day I also discovered about 8 bags that had projects in them.  All of which are WIP (works in progress).  Guess I have quite a bit of work to do yet.  But that will keep me busy and happy.

But that is all for now.

Happy crafting!

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