Thursday, June 24, 2010


Looky who got her haircut!  Josie finished her dance recital on Saturday the 19th and on Tuesday the 22nd she got to get her haircut.  She has been asking for short hair for about 6 months but because of dance she needed to have it long.  She is so excited about the new do.

Today is my Grandson, Jadin's, 10th birthday.  Doesn't seem like it was that long ago.  I got to have the priviledge of being in the room when he was born.  What a miracle birth is. 

On the crafting front...................I started a new knitting class on Tuesday.  I am doing a beanie with the magic loop method.  I have not decided if I like it or not yet.  Jury is out but next tuesday is the final class so will let you know after that.

I still have 2 prayer shawls on the needles and one prayer shawl on a hook.  I have a pair of socks on needles too.  So I am still busy switching between projects and love it.

We get to have Josie this weekend so we have decided to take her to her first circus.  Ringling brothers is in town so we are going Saturday morning.  We are going to take the new Lightrail into town and that should be exciting for her too.  So it will be a very adventurous day for all of us.  I am so excited and can not wait to see her face when she finds out where she is going.  Mom and Dad have been kind enough not to tell her for us.

Then on Monday Josie begins her swimming lessons.  We were going to do them last summer but time got away from us.  So this year we finally found a time that mom and dad would be able to go with her.  I hope she learns quickly as she only has 4 weeks of lessons and then they close them down to get the pools ready for the beginning of school.

We will be traveling to TX in a couple of weeks and I can hardly wait to see my grandsons.  I saw them at Christmas time but I really miss them a lot!  I don't know what we will be doing with them this time.  Each time we visit we try and take them to something that they really want to do or see.  So I told them to start thinking hard since we will be there soon.

Other than that life is normal for us.  (I love normal!)

Have a great crafty day/week.

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