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Sunday, April 19, 2015

YoP Week 42

This post comes to you from our sponsor, Haven't done much.

You heard me right.  I have hardly picked up a needle or hook in two weeks.  My life seems to be heading in all directions and I don't even have the energy to knit or crochet.  

I have been so busy at work.  I was put on a BIG project this past week and there is no way it will be completed before I retire in a 6 weeks.  (27 days left to go to the office!)  The person I am training to take over my position has been out for almost 2 weeks with surgery.  I have no idea when she will be returning and she has only been trained on one of my three Docs and that training has been static at best.

My son and DIL had their marriage convalidated in our church last weekend so there was lots of stuff to do for that.  It was so beautiful and I even shed a few tears from joy for them.

My DD is going full speed ahead with her October wedding and consults me on stuff, now and then and I really am enjoying that too.

I take two days a week and go visit my mom after work.  Two other nights after work, I entertain my grand daughter.  That leaves one evening free and let me tell you, by Friday after work, all I want to do is curl up in a little ball and hide from the world.  But that would be rude.  So Fridays, we try and have time with friends that we haven't seen all week or even for a few months.  Saturdays are filled with menu planning and grocery shopping and we like to attend Church that day too.  Sunday is laundry day and doing my part of the housework.  That does not leave much time for crafting and these past 2-3 weeks have proven that to be totally true.

Don't get me wrong...................I would not change one bit of my life at the moment.  I love my family, I love my friends and I love crafting.  I just need to find a bit more balance than I have had in the past weeks.  

I keep telling my hubby, "once I retire I will have lots of time to do my crafting again".  He laughs so hard.....................having been retired for 10 years, he knows this is a pipe dream. But one could always hope, right?

Actually, today, we sat down and planned out exactly what we want to do with our home over the next year.  We have some unfinished remodeling and we so want to finish it all up so we CAN sit back and relax and enjoy our home.  So the plans for that are in the making and I am sure, it will be taking up quite a bit of our time over the next year.  

I am not going to post my list this week.  Nothing was done on it other than working on MY socks twice in 3 weeks.  Other than that........................nothing has been touched or done.

So until next time...........................HAPPY CRAFTING!


  1. Sounds like lots of life events! Never mind, your knitting will be there when you have time. Two weddings! That's exciting!

  2. I hear you on the "too-busy-to-craft" front.
    My posts have been spuratic at best ;)
    Looking forward to reading about more of all of it soon!

  3. Wow you have been busy, and I thought my life was mad!! You'll get it all balanced in the end, in the meantime I am sure you will just enjoy the craziness!

  4. I hear you sista'! Time is at a premium in my life too-only I don't get to retire for another 10 years! It is really hard too, as most of my knitting friends have been retiring over the past couple of years-- the latest gal has her last day this Friday! I hope life settles down a bit soon for you too.

  5. WOW...I thought I was busy, but you've got me bet. I hope things lighten up a bit for you. Retirement, that sounds nice...I've been mumbling about it to hubby, since I'm turning 65 on my next BD, we'll see. What does convalidated mean for a marriage?

  6. Popping back in, trying to get back into at least weekly posts and visits. Come back and play with us.


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