Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hanging in there

I am hanging in there............mostly.

Mom is still in rehab getting stronger so she can get home.  She still has a bit of problem with her breathing now and then, but we thing it is mostly anxiety as her lungs are clear, blood pressure is normal, and heart rate is in normal limits.  I know she just wants to go home and not having her day scheduled the way she does at home causes her a bit of angst.

Still don't know for sure when she will be released from rehab.  She has been there 2 weeks now.  PT/OT had wanted to keep her another 2 weeks, but I think her Dr is going to release her before then, as long as they can get her breathing calmed down and her blood work 100% correct.

As for the crafting end of my life.  I put the sweater away again.  It is too heavy to cart around with me all the time.  I took the second sock with me to work on.  The small needles started hurting my hands so had to put that up for a few whiles.  I pulled out DD Christmas present and started working on that again.  I had completed the hat the first of the year.  I completed the scarf this week and started on the fingerless mitts a couple of days ago.  The best part of this gift is..........She gave me all the patterns for what she wanted and I trashed all of them and got my own patterns for the items.  I think she will be very pleased with them.  I did ask permission first before I did that and she said it was fine with her.

I found a lovely pattern to use my lace weight yarn with.  Stole My Heart is going to be a lovely gift for my mom.  She loves shawls/stoles.  She does not like cold air blowing down her neck and arms.  Living in Arizona, there is cold air blowing from the ceilings all the time.  I have to finish DD's gift before I start on Mom's.  So I am hurrying up to do that now.  

I think I need to revisit my YoP list soon and see where I am at with it.  I have a feeling I veered off again this year.................but what I have done, I have totally enjoyed doing.

That is all for this week.

Happy Crafting!

PS:  Pictures will be forthcoming in the next couple of weeks.


  1. I'm so pleased your mum is progressing and hopefully will be home soon.
    I think 'the list' has to be a flowing thing and as long as you enjoy it that is the main thing.

  2. "What I have done, I've enjoyed doing" ... now that's the way to do it! And good for you for subbing the patterns - non-knitters often don't see the construction details in the pattern photos and sometimes their choices aren't the best. Besides if you pick the pattern, then maybe it's one you want to do!

    Hope things go well with Mom. Be careful about wishing for too early a release. Often the challenges of being home are underestimated.


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