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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Off we go

Sorry, no pictures this time. I have lots of them taken of all the beading I have done in the past month but do not have the time to download them and upload them to by blog. Plus for some reason I can not get into my Adobe Photoshop. It has me locked out and I have put in the unlock code several times. Oh well. I will work on that later.

So some news for anyone that cares.

We just had a new roof put on our home and then had the whole outside painted. It looks so nice now. We have been in this house for 21 years and this is only the 2nd roof but the first time we have had the house painted. So it was exciting picking out some new colors for the house as I was really tired of beige and brown. So now it is Terracotta sand and spiced berry. Sounds kind of exotic huh? Well it really boils down to deep berry for the trim and warm sand for the main part.

On the crafting front, I am almost done with my DD socks and of course will start another pair as soon as these are off the needles. I have several pairs of needles but find if I put more than one pair on at a time none of them get finished in a timely manner. I have also been beading up a storm. I have made 6 necklaces with matching earrings as well as some bracelets to go with them. I have not been crocheting at all this summer as I really like to crochet the prayer shawls and with the temps outside reaching up into the 110's I am not in any hurry to put a bunch of yarn on my lap!

We leave next weekend for Chicago to go and see our son that is in the Navy and his family. They will be moving from Chicago to Fort Worth this December so they will be a bit closer to us and it will be much easier to go and see them then. They will be in Fort Worth for 4-5 years and then my son will only have 3-4 years left in the service before he can retire at the ripe age of 39!

We just got back from Las Vegas earlier this week. We went to see my mother in law and just to get away for a few days and relax. We had a great time and stayed at Sam's Town this time. We had never stayed there before but have decided that is going to be our new place of residence when ever we go up there to visit. People there were so friendly. Even the hotel guests!!!

So I will not be updated the blog until towards the end of August. Hopefully by then I can figure out how to get back into my Adobe program and retrieve my pictures so I can post some on here.

Enjoy the next month!!!!

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