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Monday, June 15, 2009

Stay tuned

Yup, stay tuned to this blog. I have acutally taken pictures of the socks that I just finished and I am just about done with a second pair and will take pictures of those as well.

DH and I are leaving this week to go to New Mexico to visit our Daughter and her Hubby. We will be gone for about a week and hopefully in that time I will have some more sock photos to show. Of course I may have family photos to post by then too.

So you see, I have not fallen off the face of the earth but have busy doing what I love to do best. KNITTING, CROCHETING and BEADING!!!!!! Although I have not been able to spend as much time on any one of the areas as I would like. We have been very busy with church life, family life and home life. But every few minutes I can spare you will find me with my needles in hand trying to get "just one more row" done. It has become the mantra in my house lately. My hubby will ask me to do something and I will say "as soon as I finish this row". So now he asks "how soon before you finish that row so you can help me". So even after all these years of marriage he is still trainable!

Ok, well, I just snuck into this blog during my working hours to keep you all abreast of what was going on. So after our return from NM I will have a whole day to work on this blog and get you all caught back up on what I have been up to and give you some nice photos to look at.


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