Thursday, April 12, 2007

Will it ever stop?

Here I sit at the office updated my blog. The construction is finished (finally). But there is just one little glitch...............The desks we ordered are not coming. Seems the business we ordered from went out of business and it only took them 3 weeks to let us know. So there was a mad scramble to order other desks to fit our needs. So they got ordered on Monday and should be here in 7-14 business days. (I hope) So we are working on 60" desks when we are use to "L" shaped desks. We are feeling a little cramped right now but we know this is only temporary.

As for my crafting. I have not picked up a needle, hook, or loom in quite a while. I thought I would get back into it once Easter was over but have been so busy with getting things settled for my Mom to move here in 2 weeks. I keep looking at all the projects that I have started and feel a little guilty for not getting back to them so I can post some pictures on here for you all to see. I thought I could do some crafting this weekend but looks like we are going to be having our 20 month grand-daughter spending the night with us Saturday night and she doesn't go to bed until around 9-10. Maybe on Sunday I can get going again.

As for my Mom's moving here..............I am really excited about it. My DH and I are going to fly up to Kansas in a couple of weeks and pack up the moving truck and drive that and her car back to Arizona. We are hoping to make it in 2 days but will take our time as we aren't as young as we use to be. I know she will be glad when this is all over too. I have to brag that she did sell her house in 1.5 weeks! That is great. (Although my neice just sold hers in 1 day this week!)

Has anyone every used the magic loop method for making socks? I am interested in hearing from any of you that have and how easy you found it to be. Please leave me a comment and let me know about it. Thanks

Better get back to work (lunch time is over)


  1. I haven't used the magic loop method. But I have used the Addi Turbo needles to make socks and I can say they are really, really nice :).

  2. I have not used the magic one but I just orded 2 and socks is just what I will use them for and mittens. When my orde arives and Im done I will tell you.

  3. I have use the magic loop method for making circular dishcloths. I love it (at least its a doddle compared with 4/5 slippery double-pointed pins) and I'm going to try some socks next. You need to make sure that you use a needle with a long enough cable - 24 inches at least. Here's a link to some great videos - they really helped me!


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