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Sunday, December 4, 2016

YOP uodate

Good morning everyone.  I found a few quiet moments  early today to update my  blog.

First up,

Hermione Everyday sock.  I am working both socks on DPNs.  Both of them are in the exact same spot.  I am enjoying doing them this way.  I like this pattern also, as it does not hide the patterning of the yarn.  It does add some texture though which I love.  This will be another pattern I will use more than once . 

I finished the Stockinette Hug Shawl before I left home .   It still needs a soak and blocking so will do that when I get back home.

I arrived at my son's home on Thursday morning and it has been non stop since.  He had bicep surgery Friday morning.  It was out patient, which was nice.  His surgeon was excellent.  He really took the time to inform me of everything I would need to know to help my son during recovery.

The Grands are being wonderful with helping out where needed.  Not one complaint from any of them when I ask them to pitch in.  I am blessed for sure.  There has been lots of laundry being done along with cooking, cleaning, children activities, grocery shopping and other duties as assigned.  I am sleeping very well at night. lol  Last night I had a bed guest:
This is Chief.  He is Shephard/shar pei mix and a big baby and goof ball.  There are 3 dogs here and they rotate where they sleep.  I volunteered for this guy.  He is so good and slept the  whole night at the foot of the bed and never once disturbed me.  He will be invited back to my room anytime.

The weather here is much colder than at home and it rained  all day yesterday.  I love the rain, so that was a bonus for me.  The male grands love the rain too, so we were all happy campers yesterday.  We will be dropping down below freezing later this week.  Good thing I brought lots of sweaters and flannel shirts.  This desert rat is not used to these temperatures anymore.  

I am off to church and then home  to decide what to make for dinner. Will have kids do their laundry today so we can get that room cleaned up.  

Until next time...........Happy Crafting

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Midweek madness

I leave tomorrow for Texas to help out with my son after his surgery on Friday.  I am excited to be with him and  the grands again,  but am sad his wife can not be there too.  She is TDY with the navy right now.

Today, as I look around at what needs to be done before I leave, I am over whelmed with everything.  My husband is a big help and has helped with laundry and getting suitcases down for  me. He has offered to run errands for me so I can focus on the home front items.  I need to start packing my clothes, knitting, carry on items and books.  The fridge needs cleaning and the left over turkey frozen in individual servings.  I need to pack up items my mom needs so hubby can take them out to her tomorrow.  And yet, here I sit, blogging away.  I did get my boarding pass, though, and have TSA precheck, so don't have to remove shoes or computers to go thru security.

We did manage to put up our tree and decorate it.  The city was out and inspected our backroom construction and  we passed!!!!! I found comfy boots to wear during these colder days.  I finished my last knitted item for Christmas.  These are all pluses for me and  will make me less stressed while gone.

The last knitted item still needs soaking and blocking but will not get done before I leave.  Our heater is  not working well, so it is 66 degrees in our house and  it will take too long for the shawl to dry.   I will do that when I return in 2 weeks.  By then, we should  have the heater issue resolved.

I have the cuffs done on my Hermione socks.  Those will be traveling with me as well as another sock pattern in case I finish these up.  I am not sure which sock pattern will go yet.  Need to take a look at the project bags to see which one appeals to me.  It will need to be fairly easy so it can be picked up and sat down as needed.

I stopped into my LYS, yesterday.  Picked up a couple of skeins of sock yarn while there.  Nope, I didn't NEED more sock yarn.  I WANTED more sock yarn.  The new yarn will probably turn into bed socks for my mom.  I haven't made any  new ones  for her in over a year.  I seem to always gravitate to sock knitting.  I have other items to work on, but love socks best.

I guess I should close this for today and get myself motivated.

Until next time...,.....happy crafting

Sunday, November 27, 2016

YOP 22

Hello everyone.  Another week has past and each day gets us closer to the end of year 2016.  So much left to do and yet so little time to complete it all.  So, I just take it one day at a time and do what I can with the time I have.

Let's take a look and see what happened at Casa De Noce this week.

Last Sunday was "make Chex Party Mix" day at my house.  This is an annual event that Hubby and I do.  My mom used to do this and I promised her I would take over the holiday baking when she could no longer do it.  We made 12 gallons of the mix this year.  We have already handed out 4 gallons of it.  This is a favorite of many of our friends and family.

Tuesday, I picked up our 11 yr old grand daughter from school and she and I baked some goodies too.

Rolo pretzel bites.  These are a HUGE hit with all the family and last year I ran out quickly. This year I bought 4 pounds of the Rolos and the GD unwrapped them for me.  These are quick and easy to make.  The issue is.........It is so warm still here, we have to put them in the fridge to get them to set up.  My fridge will be full from now until after New Years with candy.  

I still have fudge to make along with scotch treats, pfeffernus and springalee cookies.  Here is the catch..................I leave this Thursday for Texas to help out after my son has his surgery.  So for the next 4 days, I will be scrambling to get all the baking I can done as well as decorating for Christmas, doing laundry and packing for the trip.  I will be gone for 2 weeks, so I need to really kick it into high gear.

On the crafting front:

Green Azel is completed and buttons sewn on.  May I just say....................sewing on buttons on a super bulky yarn is NOT any fun.  What a pain that was.

Also sewed on the buttons on the purple Azel too.  They are now both completed and in the 'To be wrapped/bagged" area. (lousy photo, the flash didn't go off and I was too lazy to take another shot)

Since I got Azel off my needles, I just had to cast on something else.

Of course it would be a pair of socks for ME!  These are Hermiones everyday socks that I see pop up on just about everyone's blogs.  I have never made a pair and they were on my list for this YOP.  As you can see, I am doing two at a time on DPN.  I really love DPN's and have seen many of you doing them this way, so ordered another set of my favorite needles and cast them on as soon as Azel was in the D.O.N.E. pile.  From what I have heard, this is a very easy pattern to memorize and that is something I need right now.

The socks and the Stockinette Hug Shawl will be going with me to Texas.  I might take something else but doubt it.  I have to get the Shawl done before Christmas so that will have most of my attention.  The socks will be a nice change of pace as the shawl pattern is pretty boring to knit.  

I am still working on my Fodhla shawl too.  I am making it bigger than the original pattern.  I am loving working with the beads.  Yes, putting them on slows progress down a bit, but it is worth every minute of it.  The beads make the project pop.  The other nice thing about the beads being on the bottom edge of this project is.........It will keep the bottom from floating around.  Love that!  I won't be taking it with me, as they have 3 LARGE dogs and I have visions of beads flying every where when the door bell rings.  It will stay nice and safe here at home.  I was hoping to have it done for Christmas too, as I wanted to wear it to Christmas Mass.  Don't think that is going to happen now.  Hopefully by New Years it will be completed.

Yes, I have 3 projects on my needles and one project on my hook.  I am still working on the C2C prayer shawl.  The C2C part is done and I am just doing a border on it to finish if off.  I doubt it will be done before I leave, but I am going to try to complete it in the next couple of days too.

In a little while, I will go to do my final day of cat/fish duty at my Son's house.  His family went to Texas for Thanksgiving to be with his brother and family.  I am so glad they made the trip.  It sounds like they had a wonderful time.  I have been taking care of their house while they are away and they will be back tonight.  So will go and feed the kitties and fish and make sure everything is all nice for their return.

Yesterday, we said goodbye to a lovely lady.  It was so hard on me.  We had really grown close over the past couple of years and she was such an inspiration to me in the way she lived her faith.  I posted about her here.  She was only 47, which for me (I'm 63) seems way too young for someone to leave this world.  For the past week, I have been mourning her loss and trying to understand what happened.  As you can imagine, I am a BIG stress eater, so the past week was anything but Weight Watcher friendly.  But today is a new day, and I know, Diana would not want me to grieve like this for her, but be happy and rejoice in her new life. 

I doubt I will be posting the next couple of weeks.  Unless, I can find a computer to use.  I think all they have are laptops and I just am not comfortable with them.  I would rather post from my tablet in that case.  So I might be a couple of weeks before I put another YOP on here.  I am sure I will be busy with the grand kids and my son for the next couple of weeks.

Until next time....................Happy Crafting