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Sunday, October 16, 2016

YOP Week 16

Hello again to all my blog followers.  I have had a productive craft week and am excited to show you what is going on at the Casa De Un Zurdo.  (House of a Lefty)

Last week I told you I was teaching myself how to knit Portuguese style.  If you want, you may go to this website to see a teaching video on how to work this style.  You do the knitting with the yarn either around your neck or through a knitting pin.  I have tried the around the neck method and while, this is not too bad, when using some yarns, it is a bit scratchy for me.  I was interested in the knitting pin method but.......................I hate putting holes in my clothes.  I went on a search in Ravelry for a Portuguese knitting group and found one. There I found that many of the people on there had decided to try their hands at making magnetic pins and have had great success.  I looked at their photos and decided I could do the same thing myself.  Out came my beading supplies and here is one of the 4 hooks I made.

It is much easier for me to work with the yarn this way.  As for the tension.......

This dishcloth was 90% made with that style.  It is both knit and purl.  I think the tension is more equal using the Portuguese style.  My purl is a bit tighter and my knit is a bit looser.  Also, the other reason I made a dishcloth is........................I was frustrated with my other projects for taking so long to complete anything.

Making the cloth was the best thing I could have done.  It inspired me to get crackin' on my other two projects.  So here is a look at one of them.

Azel is growing.  I am halfway finished with my last skein of yarn for the front.  I only work on this on the weekends as it is pretty warm still here and I am able to run the A/C at lower temps on the weekend and not pay mucho dinero (a lot of money) for the electricity it takes.

I went to do a bit of shopping yesterday and decided I had better get some buttons for the 2 Azels that will be going to their new home in a couple of months.  I looked at JoAnn's but could not find what I wanted without paying three times more than what the Sweater cost me.  I took a gander at WalMart and BEHOLD!!!!

I found exactly what I had in mind.  The wooden buttons will go on the green Azel and of course the purple ones will go on the Lavender Azel.  I am so happy about them.  I didn't want anything to fancy but something that would accent the item.

I did complete the pedicure sock

I decided not to close off an area for the big toe to go through.  I tried them on and they stay put just fine.  I do not expect them to be worn for a whole day.  Only for a few hours while waiting for the polish to dry.  At least, the foot will be warm, although, the toes may get a bit chilly.  But........................This was a requested item from someone I love.

Also, because that someone I love refuses to wear matching socks:

The second pedicure sock has been started. It is the same brand of yarn so I am hoping it too will do the twisting design the pink one did.  I am using my basic Car Socks pattern but with a Fish Kiss Lips heel and then stop when I am at the base of the little toe.  Lucky for me, The someone I love and I have the same size feet.  Makes it so much easier to measure.  Although, I do have a cardboard cut out of her foot.

That is all for my craftiness this week.  Today I will be finishing up our menus for the week, making a grocery list and probably hitting a couple of grocery stores.  Then it will be time to do a couple loads of laundry, empty the dishwasher, watch some football (American style) and knit my little heart out.

Until next time........................Happy Crafting!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

A lovely Thursday Morning

Good morning everyone.  I am having a wonderful day today.  I have already been to my Rheumatologist and was given cudos for joining Weight Watchers and getting back to the gym.  My weight is down from my last visit as is my blood pressure.  Sure does make it all worth it.

I completed my yearly online training for Safe Environment through our Diocese.  I was supposed to have done this July 1, but could not figure out why I kept being told I was up to date.  Got that figured out this week and now I truly am up to date.  Now I can volunteer anywhere in my Parish I want to.

Yesterday I went to the Neurologist with my BFF to see if we can get her a diagnosis after 5 years of floundering around.  We are 99% certain she has MS but because she has only done open MRI's (severely claustrophobic) they really can not get a great picture of her lesions on her brain and spine.  So now, she is going to have a closed MRI under anesthesia.  This Neuro doesn't want to fool around like that past 4 have.

This afternoon, I will be going to visit my mom.  She has asked me to bring out french wire earrings for her to look at.  She really likes jewelry but hasn't been wearing it much.  I have taken out her studs, but they are too hard for her to put in.  I have about 15 pair of earrings to take to her today.  Hopefully there will be a few pair she likes and will wear.  I also need to take a small screwdriver out with me.  One of her drawer pulls is coming loose.  I will fix that too.

I don't know if you all remember, I talked about Portuguese knitting in this weeks YOP update.  I have a website for you, if you are interested.  I hold my yarn over my middle finger and it works well there too.  I also do not use a pin.  I have tried putting it around my neck and I have also made a magnetic 'pin' to use.  I don't like putting holes in my clothes.  I have also heard from one woman, she uses a vest to hook her knitting pin to and then never has to put holes in her good clothes.  She just carries the vest around with her in her project bag.

That's about all for today.  I need to go and get my dinner prepped so when I get back from my mom's, I can just put it all together and stick it in the oven.  We are having weight watchers chimichangas tonight.  YUMMY!

Until next time................................Happy Crafting.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Unproductive Week 15

Happy week 15.  I have been reading all my fellow YOP blogs and feel king of sad.  It's not that I didn't work on my 2 projects this week.  I did.  At least an hour a day all week long. But, alas, it was not enough to really show and major progress that you could see in a photo.

I figured I would have the one sock done by now, but, nope.  I still have another 2-3 inches to go before it is completed.

The Azel is coming along just fine.  I have started my 3rd skein of yarn and that will be the end of the yarn for the front of the thing.  I am hoping to be completed with the front by the end of this coming week.  I looked at my calendar and see I have several appointments this week that will take me away from the Azel, but.........the sock can travel with me to those appointments.

I did learn something new this week and have been working on perfecting it.  I learned how to do Portuguese knitting.  It is quite fascinating and I love using this method when I am purling on the Azel.  It is so much quicker and easier on my hands and wrists.  I am not very good at doing the knit stitch yet.  That will take practise and while I am on a deadline for some projects, I will not be working on that right now.  I would love to, eventually, be able to use this method whenever my hands decided my 'throwing' method is a bit much for them.  I am unable to do the 'picking' method, as the knuckle in my index finger of my left hand is shot.  I can not use it to hold my fiber as it will not be able to handle the angle.

Last night, my BFF and I went to another concert.  It was probably the absolute best concert we have been too in quite a while.

Take a look:

This is from left to right.......................Brandon Heath, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Mac Powell from Third Day.  They put on a 3 hour show of the most uplifting worship music.  It was a real treat.  It was held in a church so it was quite intimate and close.  That is probably the reason we enjoyed it so much.  We have been to large venues and small ones and the smaller ones have always been our favorites.

That is about all for this week.  I am off to pick up one of my projects and work on it for about an hour and then off to get some much needed sleep.

Until next time.........................Happy Crafting.