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Sunday, February 5, 2017

YOP week 32


Wow, what a wild and crazy 2 weeks.  I am still away from home.  Just let me tell you that the weather in New Orleans is some wacky stuff.  One day it's 80 and the next it is 54. is still very interesting to be in another part of this country.  I'm loving the accents here.

I have done some knitting.

I made a couple of these for my daughter in law.  She is in base housing and is trying to get by with the bare minimum since this is only temporary.  We joke about her sparse furnishings but I totally understand why she is doing it.  She has a fully furnished home back in Texas, complete with husband and sons.  Daughter is in New Orleans with mom which explains why I am here while mom is away on a temporary duty elsewhere.

Here is my Dying of the light shawl.  It has gotten so large I can no longer spread it out for a decent photo.  I am loving it and it is all I'm working on at this point.

Grand Daughter did not have school on Friday.  We decidec it woukd be the perfect day to do some sight seeing.  Off we went to the Aquarium.  It was so much fun and I saw a favorite of mine. 

Seahorses..........they are my favorite sea creatures.  I could and stand there and watch them for quite a while.

I found another fish to fall in love with. 

It is a Royal Gramma fish.  The color is so striking.  I was totally drawn in by it.

Not much else to report.  I have another 10 days here.  Then back to reality lol.

Until next time..........Happy Crafting! 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

YOP update WEEK 30

It is another lovely week, that has passed us by. Even though the skies are grey and the clouds are heavy with rain, I still consider it a lovely day ahead.  Once springs hit the deserts of Arizona, clouds are few and far between.  So I enjoy this time of year that is so very brief.  It lasts for about 6 weeks is all. So, I am sitting at my PC with my cup of tea, in my jammies, eating my protein breakfast bar and enjoying the quiet that is Sunday morning at Casa De Noce.

Want to see what I did this week craft wise?  Of course you do!

First up:

My Dying in the Light Shawl.  I am doing this for the Spoil Yourself KAL with Knitterarium.  What a lovely pattern it is and not really complicated at all.

Last week I was bemoaning that issue of the jogs in the grey color as well as the jogs in the yarn overs.  The designer (Ruth) informed me the jogs in the yarn overs were intentional.  I still was not happy with the jog in the grey and also the tab beginning was not to my liking. What do you do?  You rip it out before you go any further and start over.  I am much happier with the look of this now.  I work on this at night while watching TV.  It is pretty easy for the most part and I only really need the pattern during the Yarn Overs and when the contrasting color is added, as it uses German Short Rows and I have to really count.


Spring Tulip Socks.  This yarn makes me smile.  I am loving the bright color and it actually does remind me of a Tulip field with all the bright pretty colors blowing in the wind.

This pattern also has yarn overs.  I am in love with lacy effect items right now.  Living in a hot climate makes you want to have holes in all your clothes.

I started another prayer shawl.

I love the idea of having pockets in a prayer shawl.  These items are supposed to be worn by the recipients for comfort and to feel like there is a hug being given as you wear them. That's wonderful but......................where do you put your tissues, phone, remote control, prayer book, prayer beads, etc.  These shawls go to all religions and many have gone across the globe too.  I feel I need to keep a prayer shawl going at all times.  There is always going to be someone that is in need of prayers.  That is what I do as I crochet these items.  I never know who the shawl is going to.  All I know is.......It is someone who is in need of prayers.  Usually someone suffering from a terminal illness.

So that is what is on the needles and hooks this week.  Those three projects will be traveling with me to New Orleans.  I am to be gone for 3 weeks and will need lots of things to keep me occupied during the day while Grand Daughter is in school.

I did buy something this week that I am so excited about:

My Happy Planner by Create 365 holder.  I travel with my planner.  It is like having my diary with  me as well as my calendar as well as my to do and menu list.  This baby has room for EVERYTHING!

One side holds my colored pens, stickers and pocket folders.  The pocket folders get put in as I need them.  I will be putting receipts in them from my trip so I have proof of what I spent and can verify it with my credit card company.  (not that I don't trust them lol)

On the other side is where my planner and washi tape is held.  I still have one zipper pocket that is empty!  Hmmmmmmmm, wonder what I could fill it with.  It is so much fun working with my planner.

 This is my day already planned out for tomorrow.  It will be a very busy day as I have lots stuff to do before my flight early Tuesday morning.  I am excited to be going and yet a bit apprehensive.  It will just be me and 1 grand.  So there will be lots of time to really get to know each other.  

In my post on Wednesday, I told you I was having sinus issues.  Well.................the Dr told me it is the 'crud'.  She also gave me the good news, it lasts about 2 weeks.  I am one week down with it now.  It has stayed in my head, thank goodness but I am so tired of blowing my nose.  Last night I took a combo of meds (all Doctor approved) and actually slept really well for the first time in a week.  Hopefully, I am on the mend.  I will do the med cocktail again tonight and pray by tomorrow I will be sooo much better.  

Time to get busy and start some laundry.  I don't know why we wait until the weekend to do most of our clothing laundry.  We do towel and bedding during the week.  Being retired, you would think we would do all this stuff during the week so we could have weekends 100% free.  

Until next time..................happy crafting!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wednesday happenings

Hello friends.  It is wednesday and I am here to do a brief update.  LOL  As you all know, none of my updates are really brief.

Last we spoke, it was Sunday morning.  The rest of the day was spent going to Church, doing laundry, and watching football with the son and his family.  Our Grand Daughter spent the night also.

Monday, the Grand and I did a little clothes shopping.  She has grown so much since Christmas that the leggings I bought her are now about 4 inches too short!  They were good leggings too.  I bought LuLaRoe for her.  It is all I wear so I know they don't shrink in the wash.  We did find 2 pair of leggings and a really cute hoodie for her.  The rest of the day we just kind of hung around the house until it was time to take her home so she could go to Girl Scouts.

Tuesday was too early of a day for me.  I had to have hubby to the surgicenter by 6:30 that morning for his procedure.  There was a biopsy done and we are waiting for the results.  He is going to have to have minor surgery anyway, but need the pathology report to determine how quickly and to what extent the surgery will be.  This growing old stinks!

I have been working on my Dying of the Light shawl this week as well as my Spring Tulip socks.  The socks are now into the leg and I have both of them to the same point.  The shawl doesn't require as much attention to the pattern as the socks do, so that is my traveling pattern.  While waiting for hubby, yesterday, I had a gentleman and his wife absolutely fascinated with my knitting.  She wants to learn but is afraid she is too old.  I told her, no one is ever too old to learn a new craft if their heart really wants to.

Grand Daughter came to our house after school and we did homework and just hung out until her mom came for her.  We also made tacos for dinner.  That is one of her favorites and my hubby's too.

Today, I have done some errands and have a Blood Pressure check.  I also need to get to the bank to cash a check for my mom.  I will be picking up Grand Daughter again after her soccer practice today and she will be going with me to my Weight Watchers meeting.  She will be able to do her homework while there as they have a little table set up for things like that.  Afterwards, I will be taking her home and then coming home to make dinner.

The rest of the week is also busy.

Tomorrow I have prayer shawl ministry, visiting my mom and adoration.  Friday morning is quiet at this time but we have Grand Daughter in the afternoon and then a dinner engagement with one of our priests that has been in Rome for the past 5 years.  He was sorely missed!  He has been assigned to another parish but we remain in contact with him.

That about sums up the week.  This weekend will be spent getting all my clothes together for my 3 week trip to New Orleans.  I am looking forward to it.  I just hope this sinus issue I have been having the past week leaves before then.  I am going to talk to the Dr about that today too.  I don't need to be sick before I even get there.

Until next time..............Happy Crafting!!!!!